Женщина-кошка напала на бойфренда с ножницами

The most famous victim of plastic surgery Jocelyn Wendelstein jealous boyfriend to the laptop and attacked him.

76-year-old billionaire gave his 49-year-old chosen one, the fashion designer Lloyd Klein “merry” evening. During dinner the lady was angry that the man wasn’t paying her enough attention, are constantly distracted by social networks and looks at the laptop. Without thinking, cat woman acted like a real predator: first staged warning the scene, then rushed in the face of LoDo and scratched him, threw him on the hot wax from the candles in the final caused a couple of test strokes of the scissors in the chest!

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To his luck, the boyfriend managed to twist the deranged millionaire and locked in her own closet! Then Lloyd called the police, and then opened the closet door. Beloved by that time raged in earnest and she started to call 911 and insist that it is fashion designer holding her captive. Arrived on the scene, law enforcement officers quickly realized who’s really the victim…

The lady was taken to the station and straight into the courtroom where she was charged with grievous bodily harm and assault in the second degree. The lawyer made for Jocelyn’s bail and took their pupils. From the courthouse Catwoman came without arrogance. She shook their head with a scarf and so much pulled the neck of the jacket to the face that he absolutely could not see.

Not that Jocelyn was ashamed of their appearance… Billionaire proud of all the hundreds done plastic surgeries, but apparently that kind of attention from the media she was not too pleased.

While it is unclear if Lloyd is to press further charges against his girlfriend or her billions will block all insults (after all, the couple has been together for 13 years).

A source close to the couple shared with reporters details of their life and told that she could explode for no reason and at any time. This case rage is not the first. The man reported that due to numerous surgical interventions in the psyche of the Catwoman became unstable.

Recall that Jocelyn inherited a fortune from Alec Wendelstein billionaire, who was married from 1978 to 1999. All in all, the first woman went under the surgeon’s knife when I suspected that my husband has a mistress. Because Alec loved hunting, especially of lions, she decided to reshape her appearance on the character of a wild cat. Seeing the house a “beauty”, the rich husband ran off with a Russian model, but Jocelyn managed to get him to $ 2.5 billion.

Since the female lion is addicted to the operations and over the years has made them so much that she can’t count. Her face to such an extent stuffed with implants that she can’t Express simple emotions… But she is a female cat, as dreamed…