Cat Volochkova died due to medical mistakes

Кот Волочковой умер из-за ошибки врачей

Green-eyed handsome man died in an elite Moscow veterinary clinic.

Gucci, white fluffy cat breeds British chinchilla, settled in the mansion of ballerina 14 Feb. Mustache miracle on Valentine’s Day gave Nastya fan… the Kitty was so affectionate and sweet that it almost immediately became the darling of the stars and her daughter Arisha.

By the way, fans of the ballerina for a few months also had to get used to pet a glamorous blonde. Many people enjoyed watching the life of “Mr. meow”, it is no wonder that the news, announced Volochkova in his own microblog on Instagram, was for the fans a shock.

“Our cat Gucci died… His doctors ruined”, Anastasia said with grief and posted a shot of her in tears.

Later it turned out that while Volochkova was in Orenburg, her assistant took the cat in the elite Moscow clinic for castration. But the operation did not go according to plan. Gucci died on the operating table. As later demonstrated by the autopsy, the cat started bleeding internally.

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Recall, this is not the first cat in the house ballerina. The previous four-legged, too, stayed in the house for a while. One day the cat disappeared. Find it in the result and could not.

Good morning. Gucci again eating plants.. And your Pets do?… #Volochkova #koguchi #ljubimymi #lobomycosis #jobrouter

Video posted by Anastasia (@volochkova_art) Mar 28 2016 at 3:57 PDT

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