Casting “a New idol” competition, fainting and a second chance celebrities

Кастинг «Новой Фабрики звезд»: конкуренция, обмороки и второй шанс знаменитостей “StarHit” went behind the scenes of legendary music project, where he was lucky to be pre-qualified, and also saw the disappointment on the faces of those who were not so convincing for the jury. At the beginning of September will be known by the names of 16 members of a new television show.
Кастинг «Новой Фабрики звезд»: конкуренция, обмороки и второй шанс знаменитостей

On August 10 at the entrance of the school Alla Duhova TODES was dominated by an unprecedented boom. Thousands of young people flocked in the hope of becoming famous and popular – it was the day I passed a casting on “the New Factory of stars”.

I, the editor of the site Elena Polyakova, wanted to be on the other side of show business and take advantage of the opportunity at least for a couple of minutes to be on stage in the spotlight. Carefully fill in the application form and receiving the sheet of paper with the serial number of the participant, I patiently waited for their turn and evaluated the competition – someone was singing in the hallway, and someone is diligently combed and dyed. Before entering the hall we were warned that we will line up in several rows and sing a famous song of the singer Christmas Tree “Provence”. Some girls clearly nervous and frantically searched the Internet for the lyrics, not to fall face in the dirt of the ignorance of the masterpieces of modern music.

Кастинг «Новой Фабрики звезд»: конкуренция, обмороки и второй шанс знаменитостей

I decided that I should definitely be in the front row in order to get exactly the field of view of the jury General Director of the channel MUZ-TV Arman Davletyarova and General producer of “white Media” Julia Spaceway. As invited guests in the hall were the graduates of “factory of stars” of the past – Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky, Stas Peha, as well as the winner of “I Want to Meladze” and now member of the band MBand Anatoly Choi, Denis Klyaver and the group “Disco crash”.

Once played the melody of “Provence” my opponent tried to do everything to attract attention – the strong vocals, and who is uninhibited movements on stage. Musical producer Victor Drobysh, and vocal coach Vladimir Box came up to each participant to assess the data of the girls, dreaming of the big stage. After that, the jury named three participants, and others thanked for their interest and wished me luck. Among the winners who had the chance to talk about themselves, and I was. Introducing myself, I sang loudly a song from the repertoire of Sergey Lazarev.

“Everything is beautiful, but thank you,” I heard from Victor Drobysh.
Кастинг «Новой Фабрики звезд»: конкуренция, обмороки и второй шанс знаменитостей

Though my vocal skills (or lack thereof) has not made the proper impression, but an elaborate outfit did not disappoint – a short red dress and high-heeled shoes a well-deserved compliment from Victor Yakovlevich, who will long cherish my feelings. By the way, the other two girls caught up with me in the top three, also do not have the “Factory”.

But unlike all the other participants had the opportunity to ask questions to the producers of the project, to understand who exactly they are looking for.

“Here, everyone’s eyes are burning, they want to sing and do it sincerely, in their own way, – said the “StarHit” Arman Davletyarov.- We are different from other TV channels that will give the opportunity to further these stars burn and support after the project – we are music channel”.
Кастинг «Новой Фабрики звезд»: конкуренция, обмороки и второй шанс знаменитостей

The Director General of MUZ-TV also reported that he had to leave the chair of the jury and comfort those who failed the audition. Davletyarov admitted that he saw the tears, and even fainting. He understands the bitterness of those who came from other cities, the early morning took place only in order to show them your talent.

“It is very difficult – we look at the facial features, and vocal, – said Yulia Sumacheva. – Of course, we hate to refuse to participants, and them to failure. We are alive, we understand that everything is ready, set up, and we did not want to offend anyone”.
Кастинг «Новой Фабрики звезд»: конкуренция, обмороки и второй шанс знаменитостей

However, not all are willing to put up with failures. Alexander arrived from Nizhny Novgorod. He received a musical education and a real ACE in the performance of folk songs. The song “Drunken sunshine” Ukrainian singer ALEKSEEV is not allowed to reveal all the facets of his talent. After the first audition Alexander remained in the hall to blend in and to appear once again before the jury.

“I’m a musician and send requests for different contests, but to no avail. It’s a shame when you can’t say that my execution is not like. But still I believe – someday I’ll be popular. And while I do not intend to lose his chance,” said the man.

But there were those who were lucky – some were asked to wait until the end of the casting, so that the jury could once again appreciate their talent. After that, the producers of the project are to discuss and deliberate whom to give a chance to Express themselves. Soon the whole country will know the names of the 16 participants of the “New idol.” Participants of the “New idol” is situated in a luxurious mansion

Кастинг «Новой Фабрики звезд»: конкуренция, обмороки и второй шанс знаменитостей

Try your luck came and experienced musicians, for whom this contest is not the first television project. Among the contestants was Kirill Astapov, known to participate in the second season of “the Voice” and “Factor A”. Most recently, he participated in the project of the First channel “the Winner”, where he sang with his beloved Valeria Sushina. The girl also appeared on a casting “Factories of stars”. The participant of the show “You’re super!” Dasha and Luba Chernov zinkina also decided to try their luck in a new television program.

Victor Drobysh was surprised when the girls saw famous all over the Kazakhstan singer Ademi. Two years ago, the artist took part in the contest “New wave”, which took second place and received the audience award. Specially for participation in the audition, she flew out of Almaty.

Кастинг «Новой Фабрики звезд»: конкуренция, обмороки и второй шанс знаменитостей“I canceled several appearances. I understand that in Kazakhstan, I have reached a certain level, and I want to constantly strive for more. I am a creative person, I need a new jolt. Especially in the vocals there is always room to grow. If I take on a project, I’m ready to cancel his performances at this time. But is afraid of something to make. It was hard for me to sing a song, just because it’s not my repertoire, ligaments uncomfortable. But thank you, Viktor Yakovlevich, who noticed me among 20 people. Tomorrow I fly again, I have a concert,” said Ademi.

Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Lisa Polygalova also went to a casting in search of recognition of his talent. However the girl are unable to produce proper impression on the jury, despite the fact that he took lessons from professionals.

“I was tired and frustrated, because not passed. But I hope that in the future I will succeed, – shared his impressions of the girl. – I was chosen out of many, asked questions, but in the end said do not fit. I don’t understand why and are still confused. Five hours spent near the entrance, this is also extract need”.

Already the second of September on TV channel MUZ-TV will start a “New Factory of stars” with the leading Ksenia Sobchak. Well, all of us who did not pass the selection, will look forward to the show to find out who the jury considered more potential.