Cartoon Swede increased the lips to the max

«Мультяшная» шведка увеличила губы до максимума

Further metamorphosis of the impossible, meanwhile Pixie Fox is still far from invented it ideal…

26-year-old model from Sweden Pixie Fox has acquired wide popularity thanks to plastic surgery.

Wasp waist, ample Breasts, sensual lips… surgery girl came when I decided that I should become like cartoon character Jessica rabbit.

In total, the model has undergone 17 plastic surgeries. But was still far from ideal. So I decided to make a new metamorphosis with their own appearance, what with pleasure told its subscribers in Instagram.

“Transplanted 500 cubic centimeters of fat in the buttocks. And ten “cubes” in the top lip and eight in the lower. Usually on the lips to upload only one or two cubic centimeters of the filler… in One word, you have no idea how my lips are now plump”, – she wrote in his microblog.

According to the model, it will need one day in rehab, and then you can return to work and, of course, to please subscribers, new sexy pictures. However, fans of the Pixie did not share her enthusiasm. The majority believes that Fox, it’s time to stop. A new operation its appearance is clearly not benefited.

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