Carrie Fisher foresaw his own death

Кэрри Фишер предвидела собственную смерть

Amazing is nearby. Hollywood actress Carrie Fisher, star of “Star wars”, I had an idea of his premature death. Such sensational information told popular singer James blunt.

42-year-old singer got acquainted with Carrie about fifteen years ago. Before they even attributed the novel, but further speculation business didn’t come. However, celebrities have supported such a close relationship that blunt took her the godmother of your child.
According to the newspaper The Sun, Carrie gave him a cardboard cutout of its most famous heroine Princess Leia.
“On the forehead of the figurine was written the date of birth and date of death. I noticed that the date of death is too near,” said James. Imagine his surprise when the date in the handwriting of Fisher, coincided with the date of her death.
Recall that in late December last year during a flight from London to Los Angeles, the actress’s heart stopped. But then she got lucky – on Board was a doctor who was able to revive her and bring her back to life. However, it delayed her death for a few days. Four days later, on December 27, Carrie died. She was only sixty years. The next day after the death of Fisher, died and her mother Debbie Rowe. Her last words were: “I want my girl”.