Карла Бруни готова перерезать горло своему мужу
Carl said that is not going to tolerate cheating, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy

In a recent interview with Elle magazine France Carla Bruni,
legal wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, said that is not going to tolerate infidelity
her husband. Her answer to the question, what
she will do if she caught her husband cheating, shook the reporter’s publication. “More
all, I would have resorted to extreme measures. Would cut his throat or at least
the measure would cut your ears!” — announced
Carl. Bruni, of course, was joking. However, her husband really is
think twice before you decide to change — just in case.

“You know, I do not understand why people who are married,
change. This also leads to the destruction of relationships! I think that before playing
the wedding, you should think if you are going to be faithful. And everyone,
depending on the answer to this question, have the right to choose to marry or not…” explained Madame Sarkozy.

Karl became the wife of Nicolas in 2008, just
two months after he finished the divorce with his second wife Cecilia. He then turned 54, and Carla — 41. By the time Bruni enjoyed a fairly free life and decided that it was time to settle down.
After all, Carla is a popular singer, model and actress — had a very stormy

She had visited in her many famous rockers: Mick Jagger,
Eric Clapton. Gave birth to her eldest son Aurelien from French philosopher Raphael Enthoven — Jeanette Antivenom senior, the father of Raphael… But
becoming the wife of Sarkozy, Carla became an exemplary wife and a caring mother. Now
she most of their time is dedicated to education of 14-year-old Aurelien, and four-year daughter Julia, born in October of 2011, whose father — Nicolas

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