Carla Bruni intervened in the persecution of the wife of President of France

Карла Бруни вмешалась в травлю жены президента Франции The former first lady of the country, which will soon present a new album, supported Bridget macron. Despite the fact that Carla Bruni is not familiar with the head of state and his wife, she considers them “nice people”. In addition, the model gave advice to her successor.

49-year-old former first lady of France, singer and model Carla Bruni, has recently presented a new video and gave a Frank interview to journalists. During the meeting with correspondents the woman told about his work and future plans. Currently Bruni is busy recording an album called French Touch, which will be collected covers of hits by popular artists. Carl decided to sing all your favorite songs of groups like ABBA, The Rolling Stones, The Clash and many others.

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Journalists asked Bruni what she thinks about the current political situation in the country and the world. The artist admitted that he had sworn never to comment on this subject because of the activities of her husband, the former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. “I try to be diplomatic,” – shared the actress.

Carl also noted that wishes good luck to the new head of state to Emmanuel Macron. In turn, reporters asked the model to recommend something to his wife who has to deal with “close attention” to yourself.

“I’m not familiar with Emmanuel and his wife personally, but they seem to be nice people. Hard to give advice without looking pretentious. Brigitte seems smart and talented. I’m sure she’ll cope [with the pressure],” said Bruni.

Add that Carl presented a video for the track Enjoy The Silence the cult band Depeche Mode. In the video on the hit ‘ 90s brunette posing on the background of urban landscapes. “I love the lyrics of this song… Her lyrics are rather grim, but it is very relevant today, because we are everywhere surrounded by noise. We need to have peace. She’s a healer,” said the celebrity.

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Representatives of the publication Billboard found a very interesting cover Bruni on song The Rolling Stones, called Miss You. They asked whether the track is relevant to the novel violent stars and Mick Jagger came early in the career of the model. However, the woman claims that speculation about her passion rocker untrue. “My choice has nothing to do with our relationship with Mick. It was a friendship. Song Miss You reflects the feelings of every person who has to part with the children, spouse and even Pets,” said Bruni.