Caretta part: “In places of power need to come prepared”

Кажетта Ахмеджанова: «В места силы нужно приезжать подготовленным» In recent years the interest in the esoteric, spiritual development has led to the fact that many people are not only interested in various teachings, but also ready to go on the rides on the so-called places of power. Finalist of the sixth season of “the Battle of psychics”, clairvoyant Caretta Akhmedzhanova, told where are such zones.

      Кажетта Ахмеджанова: «В места силы нужно приезжать подготовленным»

      Energy zones on the map of our planet’s plenty of well-known such places in India, Tibet, Mexico, Greece. Finalist of the sixth season of “the Battle of psychics”, clairvoyant Caretta Akhmedzhanova, argues that places of power have both in our country and throughout the former Soviet Union, so the reboot and the update do not have to go far. On some places Casetta shared in our interview.

      Kazetta what “places of power”? And why would there need to come?
      Кажетта Ахмеджанова: «В места силы нужно приезжать подготовленным»These are special zones in which there is a concentration of energy forces. All these places are different: some are simply some natural monument or linked to some kind of natural anomaly, such as cleft. Others are linked to human activities, mostly sacred place – the ancient temples, temples and so on. When you find yourself in such a place, you start to feel a strong energy impact, at the cellular level is a kind of restart, you are updated and cleaned.—
      What are the most famous places of power exist on our planet?
      Кажетта Ахмеджанова: «В места силы нужно приезжать подготовленным»One of the most famous and most energetically powerful is Kailas mountain in Tibet, mount Arunachala, in India, there are places in Peru (Cusco), in Mexico, in Finland (Polvijarvi), Montenegro, Thailand (Trat), Gizensha plateau in Egypt. Such places on the world map is really a lot, they are visited by tourists, pilgrims wishing to change something in your life, to absorb the energy of these places. I want to note that places of power are different: not all of them have positive energy, there are those, dominated by the purely negative, so you need to be careful when choosing where you want to go.—
      Tell us, where was able to visit you? What can you remember about these trips?
      Кажетта Ахмеджанова: «В места силы нужно приезжать подготовленным»I used to travel a lot to places of power in India, was in Manali, in Ajmer – the heart of Sufism, the place of pilgrimage for Muslims in Pune, where he spent his last years, Osho. India is actually one big place of power, an extraordinary country with its energy, there is absolutely other life. Traveling in India is literally filled energy space in the country. Soon going to Ladakh is a stunning beauty and energy of the place: all who have been so delighted with it, but, what’s most important in Ladakh everyone sees something different. According to legend, there came to the land of the Indian gods. Love Tibet. We go there usually in the summer, was in Dharmsala, the center of Hinduism and Buddhism. Local residents believe that the pilgrimage to Tibetan sites of power able to purify karma and create the potential for new life. In Tibet there are many natural forces places: caves, mountains, lakes – according to local beliefs, deities live here and everything, even the air is filled with a subtle energy. Mountains in Tibet are considered the gate for the passage of the Godhead in our world, therefore the pilgrims often visit them. Lake Lhamo LACO is the abode of the patron Saint of Tibet. I was in Lhasa, the Holy city where the famous Buddha statue. Perhaps the most visited place in Tibet – Kailash, no wonder it is called the center of the Universe. Many travelers consider it their duty to be here. But this is a very serious place, not easy. I could not come just like that.
      Кажетта Ахмеджанова: «В места силы нужно приезжать подготовленным»
      Caretta, why did you name Kailas is a serious place? What makes it so special?
      Кажетта Ахмеджанова: «В места силы нужно приезжать подготовленным»To be honest, I myself was afraid to walk around the Kailash because not until I consider myself ready for the pilgrimage there: it is believed that the Lord is giving you difficulties after visiting the Kailasa, which you have to experience, so we must prepare for the visit to this place, to recite mantras in the world to live very righteously. Some people go to Kailas, do not know why, not working on your vices, it’s wrong. This is not an easy trip, then to come and say “I was there”. Kailash – the sacred mountain, a favorite place of residence of Shiva, who burns bad karma, destroys the illusion. Many people have spent here at Kailas for a long time in meditation, prayer, self-knowledge. To get this mount you need with just the right thoughts. Tibetans call Kailash the center of the universe. There need to come prepared, by asceticism, rejecting the many temptations that exist in life.—
      With Tibet and India all clear, but in Russia there are your places of power?
      Кажетта Ахмеджанова: «В места силы нужно приезжать подготовленным»On our post-Soviet space a lot of places of power. In the Altai, for example, the most famous is the arch. There in ancient times, about five or six thousand years ago, was the temple, where you can experience a full reboot, recharge energy. Interesting places on lake Baikal. When you come to this lake, there is a powerful upgrade, overcharging at the cellular level. Such a lot of places in the Crimea, on the Kerch Peninsula, in Astrakhan. From this point of view is interesting Karelia, where many places of power: Balaam, seydozero, Vottovaara mountain, alder in the middle of nowhere. The Karelia energy affects the subconscious, cleans, fills forces. If we talk about places closest to Moscow, it is Zagorsk, Vladimir, Pereslavl-Zalessky. In Pereslavl, on the Bank of Pleshcheevo lake is a huge boulder called “the Blue stone” who has magical powers, heals from diseases. This stone is associated with many legends, before he was up on the mountain, and the ancient Slavs made him near the pagan temple, worshipping the sun God Yarily. In the Christian era it was decided to use it in the construction of the bell tower to stop the pagan worship, the stone had to move across the ice to the other side of the lake, but the ice block under the stone failed, and he went to the bottom. The locals thought that they lost their sanctuary forever, but in the spring of next year, the fishermen noticed that the stone not only surfaced, but also independently move through the water to the shore. And since then, the “Blue stone” no one else touched, it is the same place where centuries ago, and the people, as before, come to him with their sorrows.
      Кажетта Ахмеджанова: «В места силы нужно приезжать подготовленным»
      And in the capital there are such places of interest?
      Кажетта Ахмеджанова: «В места силы нужно приезжать подготовленным»Of course there is! And a lot of. For example, the Sparrow hills – the highest point on the map of Moscow and the coldest place in the city. Maybe that’s why this beautiful place has its own energy. One of the most sacred and unusual places in the capital – Pokrovsky monastery. Many women and girls well known for it, as there are relics of St. Matrona of Moscow. In Kolomenskoye there was an ancient settlement, whose inhabitants worshiped the God Veles (Volos). He was a patron of fertility, economic development and even magic. His sanctuary, Slavic temples, usually located in the ravines. Still here are two unusual stone, which for healing from disease and the power people come. These stones are different – one male, the other female. There is another interesting place is the Baltschug. The warmest place in town, in winter the temperature is always several degrees above the average level in Moscow. Balchug, in fact, an island, and therefore a strong energy area, connected by bridges with many Central streets, including the street Pyatnitskaya, named after the ancient patron Saint of all women Paraskeva. Here also traced the pagan roots, and archaeologists on the Balchug were ancient temples, so in this place of women’s power increases, and the fact that this place is the warmest in Moscow once again confirms my words.—
      Caretta, what is worth to remember, primarily when visiting such a special place?
      As I said, places of power can affect people. Therefore, we must always closely monitor your condition: both physical and emotional. Come to a place of power you need prepared to let go of any thoughts, to tune in, as if to open up this place and interact with it. In any case not to talk, not to distract from the energy of the process. And be attentive to everything that is because these places really have different effects, and that you may hear or see something that is not open to anyone else.

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