Caregivers of the deceased “drunk boys” found he had signs of autism

Воспитатели погибшего «пьяного мальчика» обнаружили у него признаки аутизма The investigation of the death of a child of six, in the blood which found 2.7 per Mille of alcohol continues. The journalists asked the independent medical expert, representing the interests of the Roman Shimko. Specialist said that Alyosha gave incorrect characterization in kindergarten.
Воспитатели погибшего «пьяного мальчика» обнаружили у него признаки аутизма

The story of six-year-old Alyosha Shimko, who was killed in an accident in the spring of this year, acquires new details. At the disposal of journalists turned out to be characteristic of the child made in kindergarten which he attended since may 2013. The independent medical expert, representing the interests of the parent of a boy Roman Shimko, said that Alyosha wanted to recognize autism. According to him, similar view was held by specialists of preschool institutions, educator, psychologist and speech therapist.

The father of “drunk boy” was suspected of spoofing the results of the final examination

The document, which I quote in the media, it is reported that Alesha was sent to logopedic group in 2014 with the conclusion of “General underdevelopment of speech (1st level)”.

“Often liked to play alone, I prefer Board games (puzzles), look at pictures in books. Experienced difficulty in communicating with children. The stock of knowledge, concepts, ideas about the surrounding world does not correspond to age. Target setting is not held until the end of the class. Often disinterested in the classroom, often did not want to go to them, capricious. Independently with the tasks failed, training was only possible in individual lessons and only on the mood,” – said in the conclusion of experts.
Воспитатели погибшего «пьяного мальчика» обнаружили у него признаки аутизма

In the feature it is alleged that the boy was not formed temporal and spatial representation, he did not own generalizations and could not establish a causal connection. According to experts, the child suffered from poor concentration and avoided eye contact. According to their observations, Shimko rarely “used self-speech” and did not have a large vocabulary.

At the same time, staff from the kindergarten believed that Alyosha was nonconfrontational and kind and followed the instructions of adults and was in a stable good mood.

Independent medical examiner told reporters that the conclusions of experts in the document fall under the description of an autism spectrum disorder. However, in postmortem examination, which is available in the hands of the representatives of the Roman Shimko, not discovered abnormalities in the brain of a boy. The specialist also told that Alyosha at the age of six he knew how to ride a two-Wheeler and visited daily by kindergarten.

“But in the description he wrote that the child has unstable spatial and temporal categories. How is this even possible? The parents of the boy are perfectly normal, in addition, the child went every day to preschool. Has there been testing of the child, whether appropriate protocols that would confirm the words of psychologists from kindergarten? All of this is forgery, as we explicitly stated the head of the kindergarten”, – he complains.
Воспитатели погибшего «пьяного мальчика» обнаружили у него признаки аутизма

Under pressure from the Roman Shimko in preschool establishment rewrote the document, modifying its content. However, the phrase that Alyosha avoided eye contact and he was not formed spatial and temporal representations, to remove from the text did not. After that, according to the independent expert, head of Irina Leontieva said that she received the order of the top to give it this characteristic. Now the paper is in the guardianship, and representatives of the Roman Shimko fear that he at any moment can start a new trial and even take away the second son.

The journalists contacted the leadership of the preschools that were visited by the Duchess. It turned out that his head of Irina Leonteva has died from cancer. Her Deputy said that the Roman Shimko gave issued a characteristic that is completely different to interpret. The woman stressed that in the preparation of the document on the staff of the kindergarten was not put under pressure, and Alyosha “were indeed features of development”, which could disappear with future work with the child, says “Газета.Ru”.