Career Scarlett Johansson broke up her marriage

Карьера Скарлетт Йохансон разрушила её брак

Because Scarlett Johansson has today officially announced that comment on your divorce, she is not going to have reporters look for talkative people from the inner circle of Hollywood actress, to tell the public what had happened between her and Roman and the Doriana.

Recall that a few days ago in the new York court was handed divorce papers actress and her French husband, who is also the father of her daughter Dorothy rose. How did you learn to journalists, to divorce led lifestyle Scarlett, in particular, her growing career and the lack of a permanent home.
“Here they are, by and large due to the fact that he was unable to put up with some aspects of her life. She was here, there, and everywhere wanted to take her with him. Her career went up, and so she had to be absent more and to travel. The Roman thought Scarlett simply not ready for family life,” said the insider, and added that oil poured into the fire an interview with Johansson, in which she stated that she does not believe in monogamy.
Recall that the couple had parted ways five months ago but continued to live together under one roof for the sake of his daughter. Because rose Scarlett refuses now to talk about the separation with her husband, as honestly warned the media.