Карди Би хотят засудить за проституцию

Most people know that hip-hop singer KARDi Bi got into the world of show business recently, and before that worked as a stripper. A former dancer used to be outspoken, returned to her not in the best shape. Now KARDi Bi want to sue for prostitution, “pumps” drug customers and theft.

Карди Би хотят засудить за проституцию

In the network surfaced the scandalous video in which star talks about his career three years ago when she worked in a strip club. “I used to strip, I happened to say, “Oh, you want me? Oh, Yes, Yes, let’s go to the hotel.” I pumped guys with drugs and robbed them. I did it!” — admitted KARDi video.

Of course, the recognition of popular actress caused a huge outcry. Users note that “pumping” the drug could have ended fatally for the men with whom she worked. “If this was stated by the man, he never would have left unpunished,” wrote the lady under the nickname Mama Carol, who first remembered that the recognition of stars.

Said in the past, cardy did not deny and decided to play on his honesty. “I never praised the things I had to do, I never mention them in the music, because it is not proud. I made the choices I did because I had a very limited supply of options, and survived,” says KARDi.

“I never said I was perfect or come from perfect world with a model in the past. I have always been honest. I’m part of hip hop culture where you can openly tell where you come from and what the wrong thing was done. There are rappers that glorify violence, murder and robbery, but I do not belong to them, because not proud of my actions and feel responsibility.”

“In the limited opportunities I had to make a difficult choice and now I’m thankful for the fact that we were able to get out. Not all women are so lucky. No matter what I do, I do it for the sake of survival. This is my past, which I can’t change”.

recall that not only the terrible things from the past and excite the consciousness of fans Cardi, but victory. The prize in the nomination Grammy for “Best album of the year” KARDi Bi caused a lot of noise! In social networks on repershu resulted in a lot of negativity because of what the had to delete my instagram.

“Remember last year when I got nothing for the album Bodac Yellow, everyone said, “condemned KARDi, KARDi sued”. This year some kind of problem? My album became two times platinum. In any chart he was in the top ten. In the first place too. I was always working, locked in the Studio for three months, the force was just enough to go to bed, and I was pregnant. Some songs didn’t make my album, because it was stopped up!”

After an emotional message from the artist overcome with emotion and she deleted instagram.

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