Cara Delevingne talked about the drug addiction of his mother

Кара Делевинь рассказала о наркозависимости своей мамы

A few years ago Cara Delevingne was involved in a scandal with drugs. Unfortunately, the girl did not escape the fate of many models that are for fun, for relaxation or conversely the activation of the forces use illegal drugs.

H&M even wanted to break her contract, as happened with Kate moss (43) in 2005, when the whole world found out that she’s on drugs. But in a situation with Kara all went well.

It’s hard to believe, but it was not the first time Cara has faced with drugs. It turns out that illegal drugs have been present in her family because her mother Pandora Delevingne was at one time a drug addict.

Active lifestyle and sphere of activities has made Pandora the frequent guest of the London parties where drugs were not such a rarity. In the end, the woman hooked on heroin: “Kara was six, and it is very many years slept with me in bed” — said the elder sister of models poppy.

“My mother is a remarkably strong person with a huge heart, and I love it. I know many people think that addiction can not be cured, but it is not. I know many people who were able to get it over with and now they are doing well,” says Kara. Is it all rosy?

Friends of Pandora, and she recently talked about the fact that its often visited by negative thoughts and haunting depression: “a Year ago I lay in bed, staring at the light bulb that swayed me, and I wanted to die,” recently confessed to the mother of the girls.