Cara Delevingne suffering from disease of your dog

Кара Делевинь страдает от недуга своей собаки

Famous model, actress and singer visited the morning show “This morning” with his pet dog, Leo. On the show she told how he suffered from the disease her dog.

Кара Делевинь страдает от недуга своей собаки

“He has ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder) like me,” the girl admits. Indeed, the dog was acting quite erratically. She then jumped down from the couch, then jumped back to the hostess. The girl put the video in the show, which shows how restlessly behaves Leo. The hostess called the dog, who ran and jumped on the sofa. He was unable to sit next to its owner and immediately ran Explorer Studio. Well, that at least on the show, Leo did not relieve themselves, as they did in the middle of the runway at the recent Chanel show, which was attended by his mistress.

A state of depression for girls are very familiar, because she was going through her and was “like hell”. The model is so experienced that state that even wrote a book for Teens, “mirror, mirror”. Delevingne believes that it was her duty to write a book. In it she wrote about her experience and how she was able to choose out. Delevingne admits that did not behave as it should have been and didn’t want to feel what you felt. She wants to be for its fans with the simple model and an example of someone who has experienced it all and got out.

“I was very ashamed of how I felt. I had a very privileged childhood, I was very lucky, I went to a wonderful school. I was depressed, and there were moments when I just didn’t want to live. Was the guilt of what I felt, and I couldn’t tell anyone because it wasn’t supposed to feel this way, I don’t have to be bad. Here is such wine,” says the actress about their experiences.

Recall that your pet husky Leo Delevingne took to the Paris Chanel show, where it has thus supported the main idea of the event — nature, naturalness and the environment. A large crowd of people, noise and light had a negative impact on the dog, because she started to get nervous, as the actress was difficult to cope with it. Soon pet’s Punishment had to take the guards that he would not interfere with the model and guests of the show to enjoy the fashionable outfits.