Cara Delevingne shocked by his statement about working with Weinstein

Кара Делевинь шокировала своим заявлением о работе с Вайнштейном

Famous model and actress Cara Delevingne published a letter in which he openly admitted about his experience in working with infamous producer Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of harassment. After such renowned Actresses as Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, she’s admitted harassment of the producer in her direction.

Кара Делевинь шокировала своим заявлением о работе с Вайнштейном

The actress not long ago started her career in the movie business and in its beginning was a “dedication”. The producer stuck to his standard scheme and invited Delevingne to discuss some working moments. before that, he asked a rather strange question about her sexual relations with girls. This question seemed odd, but Kara still agreed to meet.

The beginning of the conversation also seemed quite strange, because the producer decided to boast about his violent sexual experiences. He spoke about sexual relations with other Actresses, and then invited Cara Delevingne to the hotel room. Model warned man that already need a home but have not noticed any dirty trick. She went with Harvey in the room not expecting what happens next.

Кара Делевинь шокировала своим заявлением о работе с Вайнштейном

“When I arrived, I found another woman in the room and immediately thought that I was safe. He asked us to kiss, and she began to move in his direction. I quickly stood up and asked him if he knows that I can sing. And I started singing …I thought that the situation will improve, will turn into something more professional, like listening… I was so nervous. After the singing I said again that I need to leave. He went to the door, stood in front of her and tried to kiss me on the lips. I stopped him and managed to leave the room,” said Delevingne about the unpleasant experience with the producer early in his acting career.

The role in that movie, which they had to communicate, she got de, but I thought about the unpleasant experience of a very long time. Not told earlier about this girl because of fear. She emboldened that all the girls who have suffered from harassment still took courage and confessed.

Meryl Streep has expressed his discontent with such behavior against women, but admitted that in Hollywood about this for a long time did not even know. “If someone in the industry knew about it, then the journalists investigating the crimes of our area, and the tabloids would not be silent for decades,” says the actress.

Kate Winslet also did not remain silent and expressed his opinion, because she played the heroine in the film “the Reader” producing of which involved the Weinstein company. “I have no doubt that the actions of Harvey greatly traumatized and continue to be very painful for these women. I am fully on their side, admire their courage and fully support the investigation around the person who behaved in a reprehensible and disgusting,” says Winslet.