Cara Delevingne on her childhood: “I was obsessed with the subject of death and blood”

Кара Делевинь о детстве: "Я была помешана на теме смерти и крови"

Cara Delevingne

On pictures in Instagram, in an interview with reporters, and just on the red carpet Cara Delevingne loves to clown around and laugh all around, but in real life, a girl prone to neurosis and depression — in that the model itself has admitted publicly.

For many years, Kara, like many other stars, struggled with depression, and a strange attraction to all the grim girls appeared in childhood.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with those blood and death. This is going to sound really grim, but my first childhood memory is of how I cut myself,

— said the girl in an interview with W Magazine, the heroine of the new issue which it was.

I pretended to shave like my dad. Somehow, I remember, I smeared all over my face with shaving cream, picked up the blade and held it on a finger, almost severing it completely. Now the scar is almost not noticeable, but I like to know he’s still there,

— explained model.

Over time, the passion has not passed, and sometimes Kara continued to brand himself. Despite the fact that the star admits that he once thought about suicide, she denies that she tried in fact to do it.

I had severe depression, constant anxiety and self-hatred. When things got really bad, I literally banged my head on the wall trying to recover. I have never seriously mutilated myself, but I inflicted a small cut, just to see the blood. I just wanted to be free, that someone came in and ended it.

Fortunately for all, hard times are left for Cars in the past, but she still tries not to forget that she survived, because the only way she could by his example to help others suffering from the same issues that she once did.


In Instagram Cara Delevingne still have these pictures…


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