Кара Делевинь собирается менять стандарты красоты

Cara Delevingne is tired standards of beauty imposed for the society. Now the actress and model was going to take matters into their own hands and to change existing statutes.

“The more we pay attention to appearance, and that within us, the stronger we become,” said Kara on the red carpet Ball costume Institute this Monday.
For the event, Cara chose Chanel suit and lit his savegeometry head.
“Beauty should not be measured easily,” Cara said with a smile to reporters and explained his new role and the promise – “I am sick and tired of society predopredelyaet starparty beauty. Otbroste clothes, wash off the makeup, cut the hair.. Put away all the wealth. Who are we? Who is left? How to define beauty? So what we predetermine as beauty?”
Friend Kara and her colleague adriana Lima got so inspired by a fiery speech Delevingne that even the census a fiery speech Punishment on his page in the social network.
Delevingne has swapped a modelling career on the cinema in 2015. Once Kara hated my body, and great mental problems prevented her from living. Modeling has helped her deal with her phobias, but she outgrew it and felt the strength to move towards your dream in the cinema.