Cara Delevingne inflicted cuts

Кара Делевинь наносила себе порезы

For anybody not a secret that model and aspiring actress Cara Delevingne, who appears often flirtatious, actually subservient to discouragement and depression suffered since childhood. She tried to overcome the nervousness, but a strange pull Cart to blood and themes of death was stronger than her. About this model said in a recent interview.

“I was obsessed with death and blood, when I was a kid. It sounds pretty grim, and my first recollection of this is due to the application of cuts. Then I pretended to copy his father, who was shaving. I face all smeared with shaving cream, picked up the blade and held it on a finger. The cut was very deep, I thought I cut him off completely. Now the scar is almost invisible, but I always liked to know that it’s there,” said Delevingne in an interview with W Magazine. And while psychologists are trying to establish the girl’s diagnosis, Kara continued her tale.
“After some time, my craving for everything dark is gone, but I still continued to brand itself,” — said a celebrity and added that he even thought about suicide, but never got around to doing it.
“I then had a protracted and severe depression, the anxiety never left me, I literally hated myself. When I was bad, I even banged my head on the wall to steady myself. I’ve never injured myself. except for light cuts, but he did it only to look at oozed blood. Sometimes I wanted free, wanted someone to come and ease me from this” — said Kara. Delevingne decided to tell the world about it to help other people with the same neuroses as she.

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