Кара Делевинь честно рассказала об ориентации

The highest paid British model Cara Delevingne gave one of the most candid interviews.

Кара Делевинь честно рассказала об ориентации

Cara Delevingne, known for not only her modeling career but also as an actress, began more often to appear on the covers of famous granzow. Recently, the celebrity has become the face of the new issue of “Porter” editions of the online retailer Net-a-Porter. Delevingne tried on images from the new collections presented on the website, and once again gave a Frank interview. Kara talked about the difficulties of modeling and the experience of acting, about his bisexuality and relationships with men.

The model said that early in his career, didn’t understand who she is, but simply copied the behaviour of others.

“When I started working as a model, I had no identity or self-worth. I saw that supermodel look feminine, and understood that I can do it again. But it was difficult. I have a lot to say on his own behalf, gave, but it didn’t change anything, and I didn’t get anything in return. Of course, not every piece of art must change the world. But at least I try to choose work that has a positive message. And if we talk about acting, it made me realize that I have no idea who I am,” says Kara.

Delevingne also shared information that once was saved drugs. However, the girl is not advised to rely only on the pill:

“The medication saved my life. I think they should be used as first aid, but do not rely solely on them – my mom can no longer live without the pills. It’s like put a band-aid on an open wound, when, in fact, the reason of the injury. What is something you can’t handle.”

Кара Делевинь честно рассказала об ориентации

Not spared by Cara Delevingne and the question of sexual orientation, because she met not only with guys.

“I can’t stand the label, it pisses me off. And I hate to hang labels on themselves. So often people ask me over dinner: ‘Well, who are you? L, G, B, T or Q?’. And I want to say, ‘Seriously? We are going to discuss it?’. I change every day. When I was young, I fell in love with men. In 5 years I fell in love with his gym teacher. He’s married to my other gym teacher, and I cried for weeks. I’m 4 years met the guy, he left, and I started a relationship with his best friend. But constantly, again and again, men have hurt me. But the girls I was starting to like not that,” admits the model.

Not done in the interview and without mentioning the scandalous Director:

“Somehow Harvey Weinstein said to me, ‘You won’t get anywhere in this industry if you’re a lesbian’. And when I started going on auditions, he called the names of famous women with whom I was familiar, and asked if I slept with them. It’s crazy,” stated Kara.

Delevingne also admitted that he is in love with:

“I never let anyone out of fear of being abandoned. I never really trusted people and not feel trust worthy, therefore they were rejected. She is the first person who said, ‘You can’t push me away. I’ll be good to you. I love you.’ And I think: ‘Whoa, so all that is required of me is to let you good treat me? Why I’ve never done this before?” — told Kara.

Recall that in the late spring of last year, the girl noticed with the star of the show “pretty little liars” Ashley Benson. In the photo, which appeared on the Internet, the stars just walking by the hand. You would think that this is just a friendly walk, but the next photo proves otherwise. Kara and Ashley were kissing at the airport in London.

It soon became clear that the girls meet. The couple went for lunch at Fred Segal in Hollywood, where their friends were waiting. The girls held hands and Cara just glowed with happiness. She sent all the air kisses, while the paparazzi watched her every move.

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