Cara Delevingne has explained why she decided to return to the podium

Кара Делевинь объяснила, почему решила вернуться на подиум

Suffering from depression model Cara Delevingne explained to the subscribers in the network, and that wasn’t going to quit modeling career. Celebrity tirade after she participated in the advertising of Chanel sunglasses. Then subscribers, the network began to ask her, does this mean that Kara is going to get back on the podium, with the scandal left in July of last year.

“I want to clarify the situation and to speak on a topic that interests you. I never said I would leave a career as a model. I do not blame the fashion industry, I just have depression, and my modeling career has coincided with its worsening” explained Delevingne.
It is impossible not to admit that Kara is critical belonging to the fashion world, truthfully. So, saying last summer 2015 on his retirement, Delevingne said of her “sick because young girls getting into this business, forced to grow up quickly, and immediately seeing a sex object.” The cause of his depression model sees in his robotopolis.
“I worked too much, no one suggested to me to stop,” said Kara.
I must say that about depression Kara speaks for the first time. Not so long ago she told us that suffer from these conditions for a long time, since adolescence.
“First the depression was very scary. I had permanent anxiety, I began to hate myself. Sometimes I banged my head on the trees to knock off all this” — said Kara.

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