Кара Делевинь и Эшли Бенсон на свидании в Лос-Анджелесе

More and more evidence of the novel Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson that the media have no doubt — girls Dating. Another confirmation of the date Actresses on Wednesday. Then they, hand in hand, went for lunch to friends.

Кара Делевинь и Эшли Бенсон на свидании в Лос-Анджелесе

The girls went for lunch at Fred Segal in Hollywood, where their friends were waiting. The girls held hands and Cara just glowed with happiness. She sent all the air kisses, while the paparazzi watched her every move. Black jeans, grey hoodie, white t-shirt and comfortable beanie — style of girls just for a stroll.

For the first time about the affair stars talking after their sweet kiss at the airport in London. But then Ashley said that she’s not Dating anyone, including Cara. “I’m not in a relationship. In any case, I think it is best to leave that to my personal matter,” said the actress in an interview with People magazine.

Then the girls visited the film festival in Toronto. It would seem, no doubt they’re Dating! Indeed, Ashley herself is indirectly confirmed by the novel, writing under the photo of Kara on instagram “My”. But I guess she did it recklessly, or even doesn’t it! Review soon disappeared, but the actress put story in which he said: “When you just landed and found out that your Instagram was hacked”.

Recall that in the late spring of last year, the girl noticed with the star of the show “pretty little liars” Ashley Benson. In the photo, which appeared on the Internet, the stars just walking by the hand. You would think that this is just a friendly walk, but the next photo proves otherwise. Kara and Ashley were kissing at the airport in London.

Yeah, looks like Delevingne boyfriend, because bitter experience with men she has. The actress not long ago started her career in the movie business and in its beginning was a “dedication”. Producer Harvey Weinstein, who is accused in multiple harassment and rape, adhered to its standard of the scheme and invited Delevingne to discuss some working moments. Before that, he asked a rather strange question about her sexual relations with girls. This question seemed odd, but Kara still agreed to meet.

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