Captured nuclear physicist was seriously sick

Плененный физик-ядерщик оказался серьезно болен Novosibirsk scientist earlier claimed to have been in slavery for several years. Recently it became known that Yury Samples suffers from a mental disorder. However, the final point in the investigation of high profile case is still not delivered.

      Плененный физик-ядерщик оказался серьезно болен

      10 Mar found previously missing scientist Yuri Obraztsov. The man who was in a very exhausted condition and complained of problems with vision and memory, found in one of the shopping centers in Almaty. It was reported that nuclear physicist a few years was in slavery in one of the villages of Kazakhstan. Yourself the victim said local resident Tamara Poluektova. It was also alleged that Obraztsova was numerous injuries.

      Nuclear physicist escaped from captivity three years later

      Recently, however, the story of a slave in the estate, supposedly located in one of the villages of Kazakhstan, took an unexpected turn. It is argued that the jury of the Samples suffers from a mental disorder and easily influenced by strangers who could lure a man taking advantage of his illness. About it in conversation with journalists said the brother of the physicist Sergei. According to him, the scientist was found incompetent. In addition, a relative of the victim said that Yuri has in the past tried to leave the house.

      Recently about the resonance of the case called by the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Almas Sadabaev. He confirmed the information which was provided to the correspondents of the brother of the scientist. According to the man, now a physicist denied that he had in captivity and subjected to cruel torture. However, the inhabitant of Novosibirsk still can not fully reconstruct the events of the last two years.

      “According to the inspection results, Yuriy Samples arrived in Alma-ATA by train from Novosibirsk in April 2014. Next we planned to go to Tashkent. During the meeting with the medical specialist found that he is registered in the mental hospital of the Novosibirsk region with the diagnosis “paranoid schizophrenia”. On the question of specialist Samples said that after his arrival in Alma-ATA he traveled from one settlement to another, somewhere on foot, somewhere hitchhiking, no it is not forcibly restrained. Where he was for three years, as he lived, with whom communicated, Samples could not answer. A forensic medical examination found no injuries on the body Obraztsova” – shared Sadabaev.

      However, the final point in the investigation of high-profile cases are still not delivered. It is not excluded that the Specimens became the victim of hackers who exploited his gullibility and disease. “The circumstances of the case are being investigated, pre-judicial investigation proceeds”, – noted Sadulaev on his page in social network Facebook.