Captain America Chris Evans had an affair with a married woman

Капитан Америка Крис Эванс закрутил роман с замужней дамой After a long search of the second half, the actor found a worthy friend. However, she was not free. When the lovers are convinced that these relations can be called serious, darling Chris Evans filed for divorce.

    Капитан Америка Крис Эванс закрутил роман с замужней дамой

    In may, Hollywood has heard the message that the actress Jenny slate is divorcing her husband, slightly down from the fourth anniversary of marriage. It’s not that star – even in America it is known mostly for participation in the television sketch show Saturday Night Live and roles of the second plan. So under normal circumstances, family problems would go unnoticed.

    Interesting news has made the name of the man to whom is attributed the role of “homewrecker”. Chris Evans, better known as Captain America, for several years, claims the title of most eligible bachelor in Hollywood. The questions that he seeks and cannot find in the women, Chris, until recently, responded: “I need simple and the most non-glamorous chick with a big beautiful booty. Preferably from Massachusetts, where I come from”. Jenny slate fits that portrait is a hundred percent.

    Капитан Америка Крис Эванс закрутил роман с замужней дамой


    Jenny and Chris met last fall on the set of the film “Gifted”. “I was afraid to meet him,” recalls the actress. – He’s Captain America, a hefty man, biceps the size of my head. What we may have in common? But the first night we went to the bar, and I realized that this is my man. I could walk around and shoot the breeze with Chris for 90 hours a day.” Repeatedly described in romance novels the feeling that they had known him her whole life, was mutual.

    “I did not need much time to understand that we are of one blood,” says Chris. The actor knew that the woman of his dreams married, so chose to assault the siege. Marriage Jenny and film editor Dean Fleischer-Camp was bursting at the seams, but the presence of a living husband still prevented her from noticing the advances of other men, not to mention to take them. Far from the glossy standards of beauty, Jenny was off careful attention of Chris on friendship. And responded accordingly – sincerely, without coquetry, what inflamed it even more. Chris confessed many times that in matters of the heart he was a hunter, and easy prey not interested in him.

    Капитан Америка Крис Эванс закрутил роман с замужней дамой“When the woman first writes the message immediately after meeting, this acts like a bucket of ice water”, – said the actor.


    The siege Chris brought the first fruit in March, when Jenny, tortured with household troubles, agreed to join him for dinner in a Hollywood restaurant Magnolia. Provided, however, that it will not be tete-a-tete. Common decency has ensured the brother of Chris Scott, who for the mass brought his girlfriend. Despite the cover, the reporters counted the beginning of the novel it is from this evening. In April Chris and Jenny got the ability to appear together in the audience during her promotional tour of “Gifted”.

    The interviewers focused mainly on Evans, asking him how the bachelor questions that no one wanted to answer in the presence of the woman. He was asked about the methods of removal of the ladies, the most attractive to the parts of the female body, and even that was if he sent someone pictures of his manhood. Chris joked, throwing Jenny’s confused looks: “a Bad photo of a penis can ruin relationships, so this needs a photo session for about four hours. And camera with filters”.

    Капитан Америка Крис Эванс закрутил роман с замужней дамой

    Jenny for the first time reacted to this with humour, but it became clear that their relationship is necessary to solve something. Otherwise it will publicly hear the intimate details until the end of her promotional tour, and Kris will develop some male neurosis. In the next month, Jenny slate filed for divorce.

    “Her husband took it calmly, say family friends. – They still until Chris realized that we are strangers. Got no kids, so no one was hurt.”

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