“Can’t say goodbye: what happened to the actors who played in the cult film

«Не могу сказать «прощай»: что стало с актерами, сыгравшими в культовом фильме In the program “Secrets of our cinema” presenter Ivan Usachev spoke about how there was destiny involved in the shooting of people for whom debut role in the work of Durova was the ticket to a great movie. Subsequently Sergey Varchuk starred in 60 films. And his partner on the project, Anastasia Ivanova tragically died at 35 years of age.

      «Не могу сказать «прощай»: что стало с актерами, сыгравшими в культовом фильме

      The film “can’t say “goodbye” directed by Boris Durov remembered by many generations of viewers. The film became the leader of Soviet film distribution in the mid 80-ies. In the program “Secrets of our cinema” Ivan Usachev thought about the actors who played in the cult film.

      In the starring Sergey Varchuk, which at the time was an ordinary student of theatrical high schools. He played guy in the film as a result of injuries left crippled. According to Marchuka in preparation for the role, he talked a lot with doctors who work with paralyzed patients. The month he spent at the Institute of bone and spinal trauma.

      After working with Durov, Marchuk continued to act in films. According to the actor, he agreed to any role, as in the 90-ies was not easy with money. Besides, soon the wife of Sergey decided to go to the United States, and it remains with his little daughter Sasha. To feed his family, he worked as a janitor and taxi driver. Now the heiress of Varchuk grew up and works as a designer.

      «Не могу сказать «прощай»: что стало с актерами, сыгравшими в культовом фильме

      Partner Varuka the movie was Anastasia Ivanova. Her character People fell in love with the hero Sergei and supported a young man, when his wife left him. Anastasia at that moment was more theatrical actress, and the film was shot for the first time. In the same period of time, the girl began to meet with Boris Nevzorov, therefore, on the set of the work of Durov do not allow themselves to flirt with colleagues.

      “She did the other did not see and was closed for a relationship,” recalled Varchuk.
      «Не могу сказать «прощай»: что стало с актерами, сыгравшими в культовом фильме

      Because of the role of Lida, Ivanov fell in love with the whole country. After the shooting in the film Anastasia Nevzorova married and gave birth to a daughter. It is called to act in the film “the Battalions ask for fire”, but while working on the painting guide replaced the part of actors, among which also turned out to be Ivanova. “For her it was a great tragedy. She was struck down,” recalls Nevzorov.

      35 years ago was tragically killed in his apartment. Her body was found by her husband. A few years later it turned out that the woman killed a friend of the family who suffered from disorder of the psyche. Daughter Pauline, which at that time was 8 years old, had suffered greatly after the death of his mother.

      “Sometimes you come to the cemetery, look – here the flowers are. So it is not forgotten,” says the heiress of the artist.
      «Не могу сказать «прощай»: что стало с актерами, сыгравшими в культовом фильме

      Shooting in the film changed the lives of Tatyana Chernopyatov. “I had a serious operation in early adolescence, after which the doctors gave me absolute infertility” – said the actress who played Durov pregnant girl. According to her, the Director was constantly complimenting her, she goes belly patch. Only after a while she admitted that she can’t have a baby. “Never mind. If I have someone pregnant in the picture like, all giving birth,” said the film star. Indeed, two years later, Tatiana has become a mother of wonderful daughters.

      «Не могу сказать «прощай»: что стало с актерами, сыгравшими в культовом фильме

      Performance in one scene of the film brought fame to Sergey Minaev. The musician was not so popular, so gladly agreed to play on a stage mounted in the Izmailovo Park. First they sang their songs. “We played something informal,” recalled Minaev. However, it turned out that the frame they will have to sing a song written on poems by Mayakovsky. “When we came with friends to watch, we thought that he had starred in some cool movie. And then I realized that in the middle of the picture there will be someone to pity,” admitted Minaev. However, years later he realized the value of the work.