«Не может быть! Это коллаж!» Внук Никиты Михалкова вырос его точной копией
Fans of Anna Mikhalkova thought she published photographs of Nikita in his youth and now.

«Не может быть! Это коллаж!» Внук Никиты Михалкова вырос его точной копией

Nikita Mikhalkov with his grandson Andrew

Anna Mikhalkova has published in his microblog photo, which aroused the amazement and delight of her fans. On
the picture posed for the eldest son of actress Andrey and her father is a famous Director
Nikita Mikhalkov. First, users did not believe that the grandson and
grandfather, not one and the same person. “Oh my God! I thought it was a collage of
photos of Nikita in his youth and now”; “Like a scene from the movie “A
I’m going step through Moscow”; “the resemblance is remarkable! Just one person! Copy!” —
they wrote.

Anna emphasizes that Andrew went to grandpa not only
appearance, but also character. “I love their disputes. Sometimes I think they are one
an integer that is a conversation with yourself. Just meeting the person you were with
who will you be” signed she published the.

By the way, not so long ago Andrew celebrated his
the age of majority. On this day Anne is so touching congratulated the son with
a significant event that many of the subscribers to its microblog admitted that
tears of emotion. “18 years… I don’t know why they just flew by. I have not noticed.
18 years of showdown, quarrels, reconciliations, frustration, admiration,
discoveries, and, most importantly, 18 years of friendship and love! — wrote the actress. — This year one
of the most difficult for me, probably just because there comes a time when
my involvement in your life are not so necessary. It’s time to let go of this
the little hot hand, which I kept all these years! We are always there, but
then it all depends on your choice! Happy birthday”.

Nikita Mikhalkov

Photo: a scene from the movie “And I go-step through Moscow”