Cannes-2016: Alice Khazanov made his debut as a Director

Канны-2016: Алиса Хазанова дебютировала как режиссер

The actress has gone beyond the profession – presented in Cannes painting “Fragments”, which was written and directed by myself.

— At some point it occurred to me to write the script, – said Alice, in presenting his film at the Russian pavilion. — And have any ambition to tell a story from beginning to end, not just to play in it. Co-author of the script was Michael Kupisk, and created the text for two years. And then his fate was not entirely clear, but, to my luck, Roman Volobuev (film critic, screenwriter of the project “Quest”, “Cold front”. – Approx. Woman’s Day) was introduced to producer Ilya Stewart, who thought the project was interesting. And he had the courage to make a film in new York, which is important because the script was in English.

Ilya was also present at prezentacii. It should be noted that the young producer declares itself at this festival: in the program “Special view” presents the film by Kirill Serebrennikov “the Apprentice”, but these days he Michael Adowym presented the project of the painting “blood on the dance floor.”

— It’s hard to say what movie, ” continued Alice. — If we denote the vector – problems of communication between people. How different would my life be if I took different decision in a given situation… And the brain got us going in circles until we figure out what to do, – everything depends on us. The main characters in the film are men – three of them, are totally different. But shown everything through the eyes of women. It is not autobiographical history, it is more based on observations of people: acquaintances, those who see for the first time, heard at the next table. But, as a Director and actress, I take it all in.

The film is slated for a Russian release, but date is still unknown.

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