Candid photos Victoria Boni has shocked her fans

Откровенное фото Виктории Бони повергло в шок ее фанатов Star please don’t publish such pictures. Fans of Victoria Boni believe that she lost all sense of proportion. Provocative pictures that appeared in the microblog TV presenter, has sparked a fierce debate about what is acceptable online and what is not.

      TV presenter and model Victoria Bonya – the lady is open and liberated, but never beyond the bounds of decency. In her microblog virtually no explicit pictures if you don’t count these photos in tight dresses with a deep neckline. Victoria Bonya loves to demonstrate her slim figure in a bikini.

      The same that appeared on Instagram of the star the day before, was so unexpected for its subscribers that made a lasting impression and forced to speak on the topic of decency. Fans found that the frame is incredibly beautiful in execution, but too revealing in content. The photo depicts a half-naked diva, which moved slightly forward, while the innocent prispuskaya jeans, why be seen her firm buttocks. The role model was made by one of her friends Victoria Boni, but fans of the stars felt that the essence does not change, and openav Beaune to the fact that such imagery is too much, and asked media personality no longer publish these.

      “Well, why stoop so low?”, “I do not support nudity. Unpleasant for Victoria, I like it so much, and here is a photo. Meanness, to be honest. And let me be a man from the stone age, but to maintain the dignity necessary”, Victoria Bonia, I love you, you are so chaste, intelligent, but this picture is just shocking! Nicely, do not argue! But it’s all over the country? And look young! I’m not a prude, but I don’t understand, is it really necessary to put everything on display?”, – perplexed part of podeschi teledive

      However, some photos I liked, and they didn’t find in it anything reprehensible. “Great angle! That’s what a good friend! Made photos beautiful and sexy!”, “This is something new in Instagram, Victoria! Photo bombeznaya and very sexy” – admired by fans of candid shots.

      It is worth mentioning that Victoria Bonia recently carefully creates a reputation of a loving mother and a caring wife – TV presenter and her husband, billionaire Alex smerfit raising little daughter angelina Leticia. Victoria Bonia in everything that pleases her husband

      The star continues to please its subscribers with the videos, in which she talks about relationships in their family, what about the little heiress and the secrets of self-care.