Candid photos of Tatiana Kotova blew up the Internet

Откровенное фото Татьяны Котовой взорвало Интернет
Fans were shocked by the appearance of the singer.

Tatiana Kotova

Photo: Instagram

Tatyana Kotova shared with fans a photo that caused quite a stir among her followers.

“Warmer, signed very spicy
the Tatiana. — On the street sometimes noticeable 18+”.

And it’s really a photo “adult”. After all, Kotova posed in one
the bra and unbuttoned coat, a Flirty hand covering her bikini line.

Interestingly, Tatiana published a picture of five years ago — then one of the men’s magazines took the beauty for

It’s funny that not all fans of the star
shared delight from the contemplation of her chiseled body. While young people in every way
was scattered in compliments, the girls were indignant. Some
fans literally chastised the singer for excessive candor and courage.

“Tatiana! I thought you were above this!”, “Tatiana, do you think without these photos will be less beautiful
or popular? I not against such photos, but they need to do for yourself and your
men, and not to put them on the Internet. It is better to delete. You are beautiful and don’t need
show all, “so what?” “You’re kidding me,” wrote
indignant subscribers will.

However, positive responses were much

This is not the first for this year frankness stars
of this kind. So, in February of this year, the singer shot is so candid
the video for the song “Dance” that the editors of the music channels did not dare to put
it in the air.

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