Откровенное фото беременной Собчак повергло в шок поклонников The presenter spends time on vacation. Ksenia Sobchak has decided to treat fans of erotic photography. The journalist decided to go on a journey together with your girlfriends.

      Откровенное фото беременной Собчак повергло в шок поклонников

      About the interesting position popular TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, began in early June. Apparently, she decided to leave the crowds and went to travel. Star spends time in the company of friends, and shares with followers, what happens to it abroad. Today, Facebook posted a pretty candid shot. It depicts, as she poses in a translucent swimsuit.

      Pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak confirmed

      “Cher left, and I left! Morning swimming complex is made!” – wrote Ksenia published a rather candid shot.

      The picture did not leave indifferent many fans, and just a couple of minutes, the publication has collected more than a hundred comments. Followers enjoyed discussing the figure of the celebrity and her future motherhood.

      “What makes the pregnancy, but”, “Oh now haters will fly”, “Very nice swimsuit, a flattering”, “you have a knack, Xenia, to provoke people” – written by fans.

      Judging by the numerous photos, she’s having a great time on vacation with friends. Not so long ago, she visited the tiny Vatican state, which is located in Rome. She described the incident that she had to face on the tour.

      “Crowds of tourists, long queues for entrance, and in the Sistine Chapel a crush, as in Simachev bar on Friday night. But my buddy gets from a wide leg 3700 Euro and, Holy mother of God, we are like that joke about Lenin: “you go to watch or are you here to make?”, open closed to visitors “the papal stairs” (I’m standing on it), show a hall ballot for the Pope and even the plant behind the glass, enclosing the main statue by Michelangelo. Except that “I was here” scrawled not allowed,” he described a curious case of the journalist.

      The path to motherhood: how Ksenia Sobchak is preparing for the lead role

      Interestingly, more recently, Xenia is constantly appearing in social events only for free outfits that hide the fact that she is in an interesting position. At the award MUZ-TV, where the journalist worked as a leading it several times during the evening to change dresses, but they are also not focused on her slightly rounded tummy.

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