Откровенное интервью от Деми Мур: в 15 лет ее изнасиловали

Famous Hollywood actress demi Moore recently was a guest in the TV show Good Morning America, where he shocked all present by the fact that in the age of 15 she was raped by a friend’s mother. For this crime the man was paid $ 500.


Откровенное интервью от Деми Мур: в 15 лет ее изнасиловали

56-year-old celebrity finished writing his memoirs entitled “Inside out,” so she came to the Studio to discuss their own work. The actress admitted that at the age of 15 years, on a normal day she returned home from school, where he was waiting for her older friend’s mother. The man raped the girl, and said that he did it only in consultation with her mother. The woman took a criminal money in the amount of $ 500.

In their work, demi Moore writes: “It was rape. And devastating betrayal, revealed the cruel question of the man: “What’s it like to be a whore his own mother for $ 500?””

The mother of the actress died in 1998, but the child she took the little girl at the local eatery that men could pay attention to it. She demi Moore deep down didn’t believe it was really a bargain for the money, but resentment against the mother she had left, because she let a man into the house and was allowed to mock his own child.

Demi Moore was the most popular actress in the 90 years after the great success in her acting career she began to write books, which were dedicated to his mother and the three daughters from his first marriage with Bruce Willis.

In his memoirs, demi recalls how the mother once tried to commit suicide. The first time it happened when she was only 12 years old and she independently got out of my mouth mom’s tablet, thus saving her. In this period of his life ended his childhood future.

The book also describes the difficult days of rehabilitation of the star itself from drugs and alcohol. She had long struggled with addictions and have overcome them. The second wave of depression came over demi Moore in 2012, when there was a break in her relationship with Ashton Kutcher.

“My children stopped talking to me, and I weighed 46 kilograms, the main question that arose for me: how did I get here? I went blind, I lost myself” — recalls with horror actress.

Now her life is getting better. She knows how to deal with them and every day begins with a smile.

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