Cancer star of “Bewitched” is set to return to movie

Больная раком звезда «Зачарованных» намерена вернуться в кино The actress, diagnosed about a year ago was diagnosed with cancer for the first time appeared in public. Shannen came to the premiere of the Opera in Sydney and even talked to reporters. Fans noted that she looked no matter: the aged and emaciated.

      Больная раком звезда «Зачарованных» намерена вернуться в кино

      The star of the show “Charmed” Shannen Doherty a long time did not appear in public. In the spring of 2015, it became known that the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer.

      Doherty devoted himself entirely to the fight against the disease and stopped attending social events. But on the eve of Shannen made an exception. She came to the premiere of the Opera “Carmen” in Sydney. With her the show was attended by another performer one of the main roles in the TV series “Charmed”, Holly Mary Combs. The stars held a press conference and answered questions from the press and fans.

      Больная раком звезда «Зачарованных» намерена вернуться в кино

      As noted by fans, the star of “Beverly hills” is noticeably aged. She answered the questions of journalists at the press conference and behaved quite energetic, despite his poor condition. Shannen appeared at the event in a loose black jumper and plain jeans. On the face of 45-year-old woman has been in deep wrinkles. The star noted that he supports the idea of her best friend Mary Combs about the restart of the series “Charmed”. She believes that her disease will not be a hindrance for the filming of the remake.

      In Sydney Dougherty enjoys beautiful sunsets and views of the Bay of the capital of Australia. In the microblog actress posted a few shots that delight users of the social network of incredible attractiveness of seascapes. In one picture the star of “Charmed” sitting around the pool with a glass of wine and looks thoughtfully into the distance at the ocean. Judging by the caption to the photo, Shannen spending time in good company.

      Learning about cancer in 2015, Shannen sued the assistant for what he incorrectly made a contract for health insurance for her. Because of this penalty, the Manager she had not received the necessary examinations on time. When the cancer is discovered, the tumor had already metastasized. The medication, which helped to improve her condition, she can no longer have children. The actress will not work on their own to carry and give birth to a child. Treatment was not as effective as expected, and she needed a second surgery. Doerti not giving up, especially her supportive fans and friends.

      Recall that the global glory Shannen roles in the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” and “Charmed”, which in the mid-90s, I watched thousands of spectators. The last film with her participation was the painting “old times”, where she starred with Alec Baldwin and Michael Madsen, which was released this spring.

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