Больная раком звезда «Дома-2» Елена Степунина потратила 200 тысяч на лучевую терапию Ex-member of telestroke fighting for his life. Stepunina admitted to “StarHit” who helps her to pay for the treatment. According to her, not all services can be provided free of charge. Helen hoped for the best and talks about the success of the social network.
Больная раком звезда «Дома-2» Елена Степунина потратила 200 тысяч на лучевую терапию

The former participant “Houses-2” Elena Stepunina trying to beat cancer. A young woman’s teenage son, who gives her the strength to resist serious disease. Since the tumor is not operable Stepunina located between the lungs and the heart, she has to undergo medical treatment. As previously explained by the ex-participant reality show, OMC cancer treatment in Russia is free, but actually things are not quite so. Some tests cost money. Until the end of the year she planned a course of radiation therapy.

Cancer ex-member of “House-2” Elena Stepunina: “many due to cancer leave men”

“I help subscribers. I until the full amount is not paid. They are parts of the bill. But already about 200 thousand turned out,” said Stepunina in an interview with “StarHit”.

Recently, a woman complained of neuralgia, which was a consequence of the irradiation. “I was prescribed the miraculous candles. They rescue. It’s all nonsense, will be held. The main thing is to cure the underlying disease, and then we will understand” – wrote Elena in the social network.

According to ex-member of telestroke, there are positive aspects: it has a newly industry eyebrows and eyelashes that fall under strong medical treatment. “The only thing that concerns me right now, it’s crazy tired” – shares Stepunina with “StarHit”.

Elena believes that soon will become healthy again. She tries to be a good mom to my son, Matthew, so when she has a lot of power, she sent with a child on long walks around the city.

“And healthy, and time flies faster, and the muscles come back to normal. In General, solid benefits. I’ve been so long without my Matejki that now it anywhere even for a minute not go”, – told followers of the ex-participant of “House-2”.

Now Elena is actively preparing for the New year. She had to undergo six treatments of radiation therapy. Members actively support it. “Health to you and your baby! God bless you! May the next year bring only good news, From my heart I wish you health,” write on the personal page of Elena.