Cancer Shannon Doherty admitted that people are afraid of it

Больная раком Шэннон Доэрти призналась, что люди ее боятся
The actress told what unexpected result led her radiation therapy.

Shannon Doherty


Doherty, which in the past year, the doctors diagnosed “breast cancer”, said
with his offense. When she told her randomly met the woman of his
treatment that instead to Express their sympathy in horror shied away
from Shannen away, that told the femalefirst

When 45-year-old Doherty
learned about his illness, she decided that it did not intend to give up. Although it
time her condition has been worsening — the cancer has spread to the lymph
cancer — Shannen tries to keep a positive attitude and obstinately continues
to fight the disease. She has already undergone several courses of chemotherapy, and in
currently undergoing radiation treatment. And recently, the actress faced
offended and taken aback by her reaction.

back home after another session of radiation therapy together with Kurt, Iswarienko, the love of my
life, and in the Elevator was found with a neighbor. She politely asked
how I feel. I replied that after treatment with radiation feel unbearable
fatigue. But after hearing about the radiation, my neighbor literally jumped away from me and
terror shrank into the far corner of the Elevator. She stayed there all three floors,
we had to drive to her apartment. I wanted to tell her that I don’t
threat, and it can not irradiate, with me being in the same room. But
then I decided that to say it’s useless – she’s too scared…” – wrote
Shannen in his microblog.

This story is very upset with Doherty, because
treatment and so is very difficult. And if chemotherapy was held for a relatively
quietly, from the side effects of radiation therapy it shifts very hard. The
never the less, the actress is trying not to lose heart. During the break between courses of treatment
she even managed a little exercise dancing. And recently, she posted in
social network their gratitude to the doctors, because they help her not
to lose faith in yourself and a positive outcome of treatment.