Больная раком Шэннен Доэрти потеряла веру в лучшее The star of the show “Charmed” pessimistic. Since last year, Shannen Doherty is struggling with a malignant tumor of the breast. Health problems did not worsen her relationship with her husband – he constantly maintains beloved wife.

      Больная раком Шэннен Доэрти потеряла веру в лучшее

      The star of the show “Charmed” Shannen Doherty from last year is fighting with breast cancer. The actress is configured is not very optimistic, however, thanks to family, close friends and fans she is making every effort to defeat a terrible disease.

      “I was beginning to think that I won’t live… I don’t look forward to the next day,” so pessimistic Shannen refers to the disease.

      Not so long ago, in his microblog star of the TV series “Charmed” showed that he had lost a luxurious head of hair. Due to the continuous irradiation of x-ray hair artist began to fall. To ensure that this was not so noticeable, Doherty decided to shave his head. But this is not all changes that happen to the appearance of the favorite of millions of fans worldwide – she noticed that her face wasn’t what it was before.

      “I don’t know if I’ll ever again look like it did before. I want to believe that if I struggle, then all will be well,” said the actress.

      Fans constantly send the words of support to a favorite artist and I hope she will cope with a terrible disease. Always with Shannen are people who do everything to set up a celebrity for recovery.

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      That day, when Shannen decided to part with his hair to support her mom came to rose Doherty, as well as friends of the actress — model Anne Cortright-Selstat and real estate agent Chris Cortazzo.

      “Thanks you three, you helped me through an incredibly hard day that every minute has supported and loved me. My friend Kurt was in Mexico for work and couldn’t be with us, but he knew that would leave me in good hands,” wrote Doherty in social networks.

      Shannen very sorry that she has with her husband Kurt, Iswarienko no children. The couple had long dreamed of the heir, however, she said, because of the treatment she can give birth. After a chemotherapy course the star of the TV series “Charmed” to surgery. Choice of celebrities supported her and insisted that their marriage is stronger than the diagnosis, so the disease did not affect their tender attitude towards each other.

      “It’s only a breast. Much more important for me to live and to grow old with my husband,” says the actress.

      Now Shannen trying to lead a normal lifestyle. “I eat right, do sports and try to think positively. I am very grateful to my family, friends and doctors for support and, of course, his fans, who remain with me”, – quotes the edition Spletnik with a link to the show Entertainment Tonight.

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