Cancer patient Nikolai Karachentsov has gone to Athos before treatment

Больной раком Николай Караченцов улетел на Афон перед началом лечения The actor is preparing for chemotherapy. Karachentsov went with his family abroad, to gain strength. According to his wife, Ludmilla Parginos, her husband and son Andrew visited the Holy places and prayed for his health.
Больной раком Николай Караченцов улетел на Афон перед началом лечения

A month ago, Nikolay Karachentsov in the lung tumor was found, soon he will undergo chemotherapy. “Our doctor – George Avraamovich Frank – offered hope, saying the disease develops slowly, – has shared with “StarHit” Lyudmila Porgina. – It is known as the chief pathologist in the country, but is also a Professor of Oncology.

How much will the chemistries, it is difficult to say. You need to look at the reaction of the body Kolenka. Most likely, the husband will be placed in the Volyn hospital, where for many years is Frank.”

Before treatment, the actor left for a week to Greece. “The idea of reason belongs to the son –continues the spouse of the actor. – Walked around Athens. After nick and Andrew together went to the Holy mount Athos, because there can only men. Visited the Great Lavra – the oldest monastery of the Peninsula, the sacred place to venerate the relics. While I recuperate on the beach.”

Recall that some time ago there appeared information that Karachentsov began the metastases in the lymph nodes. Due to the nature of the tumor and the General condition of the artist of the surgical intervention is forbidden.

“One thing is clear – nick inoperable. The body can not withstand the surgical intervention, and I group of disability. Therefore, only chemistry, and we are ready. I admit, very worried. But I’m Sagittarius horoscope – always go to the barricades,” said Polina.

We will remind, in February of this year, Nikolai Petrovich had an accident. The car at which wheel there was Porgina, faced with “the Gazelle”. After investigation, the experts found that in the blood of women attended the alcohol. Deprived of her driver’s license for a year and a half. The wife of Nicholas Karachentsova: “Guys, I good and had not planned the murder of her husband”