Cancer patient Michael Zadornov offer help psychics

Больному раком Михаилу Задорнову предлагают помощь экстрасенсы The comedian told how he prefers to treat the disease. Recently it became known that the artist was diagnosed with cancer. Mikhail Zadornov was forced to cancel a number of performances, but to completely abandon the work he plans.

      In late September, Mikhail Zadornov has informed fans of his work that he cancels concerts because the doctors forbade him to fly long distances, and also recommended to start the treatment. A little later, the comedian admitted that he was diagnosed with cancer, so he will have chemotherapy.

      The artist explained that he decided to undergo treatment at the Russian doctors, as he does not believe in Western methods. “I really like our specialists speaking Russian, it is logical. Our doctors heart. The West is a Protocol. “Yeah, you like this picture, then you make a cut, then the blood will go.” And the Russians gathered a Council, consulted and made a logical decision. It will be hard, I understand. But you have to pass” – said Zadornov.

      According to Michael, he already began to impose their services of experts in different fields. The comedian doesn’t believe in supernatural methods of treatment, though he constantly received offers from magicians.

      “Moreover, I and psychics will never ask. I already called healers and Tibetan, and some other. Most simply wish to take money from me, it’s heard and seen. I neither witches nor wizards, nor who to contact will not. Only to the professionals,” admitted Michael.

      The artist has decided not to cancel all performances, as, in his opinion, concerts are a kind of medicine. Friends support it in the difficult struggle for life. Zadornov believes that he will be able to recover, so don’t give up. However, Michael himself describes his condition as “Fig”.

      “It’s very important to Express, because I still have the ability. I Shirvindt recently said, “You know, you’re serving hope.” In both! Began to show promise,” jokes Zadornov, communicating with journalists of “Izvestia”.

      Social network users leave words of encouragement on the pages of Zadornov. “Health giant! Happiness and success!” “Everything will be fine! You possess such great powers of optimism that this even no doubt”, “don’t you listen to anyone, think only of yourself, Mikhail Nikolayevich. Be sound and healthy!” – wrote fans.