Cancer patient Michael Zadornov has dramatically changed the faith

Больной раком Михаил Задорнов резко сменил веру
The day before, the Abbot of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrey Novikov said that Mikhail Zadornov satirist was the rite of confession and returned to the Orthodox Church.

Больной раком Михаил Задорнов резко сменил веру

Indeed, in recent years, Mikhail Zadornov, was inclined to paganism, but it seems that the disease has crippled satirist, and he decided that now is the time to return to Orthodoxy.

It is noteworthy that reported this in his microblog Andrey Novikov, said that the record of changes in the soul of the satirist, he posted with the consent of his next of kin.

It turns out that Mikhail Zadornov no longer able to give such consent, and the order for him to give his relatives. If this is indeed so, it turns out that the status of Zadornov critical.

And it is possible that the return to Orthodoxy initiated by the relatives of the satirist to conduct the burial according to Christian canons.

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