Cancer patient Michael Zadornov has appealed for help to the healer

Больной раком Михаил Задорнов обратился за помощью к целителю According to some, satirist treats core energetics. According to the employee of the clinic, where Mikhail Zadornov, after several sessions, he felt better, but the full recovery of speech is still not talking.

69-year-old satirist Mikhail Zadornov courageously fighting a serious illness. Close the writer prefer to refrain from comments about his condition and asked not to bother them with questions. The man himself is not willing to talk about serious illness. Recently, the relationship with the journalists was an employee of the clinic where the dollar is recovering. She told me about how he feels Mikhail Nikolaevich.

According to the woman, in Germany Zadornov underwent surgery and radiation therapy. The writer began to have severe pain, so his family decided to stop treatment. Satirist returned to Russia and is now in one of the local clinics. Posts about the deterioration of Mikhail Nikolaevich, which appeared in the press in the period corresponded to the real situation. The doctors did Zadornov disappointing forecasts for the future. Experts said his chances of recovery are minimal.

“Zadornov was dying, didn’t eat much – just a teaspoon a day. He was in great pain. He moaned and sometimes screamed in pain so that it could be heard in the hallway of the clinic. Almost no pain medication helped, the artist is bad and little sleep. Was diagnosed with new lesions in the brain, but not of cancerous origin. And the cancer began to grow again…” – said the woman.

According to the employee of medical institution, Zadornov was aware that his condition worsened, and began to say goodbye to loved ones. Ward satirist came his ex and current wife Velta Veltistova and Elena.

Close Zadornov clung to every opportunity to improve his health. According to the employee of the clinic, they turned to the healer, Leo Shah, who has long lived and worked in Poland. The doctors had not objected to unconventional methods of treatment. Professor and core energetics came to Mikhail Nikolaevich in August and spent about 14 sessions, affecting the patient’s hands. As a result, according to the woman, Zadornov feel better. At the end of the month the Shah should resume the procedure.

“The writer had a stroke and was in critical condition. But during the treatment the pain had stopped, he ceased to complain of them. Appetite, the patient started exercising in bed. Recently Mikhail Nikolayevich conducted a new survey – MRI of the brain. It showed that the tumor shrank. State Zadornov remains difficult, but the crisis has passed,” shared in the clinic.

Employee medical institutions also reported that Mikhail all the time trying to go somewhere and work, but the doctors categorically forbade him to travel. The question of a complete recovery of the writer still does not go, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.