Cancer patient girl who called Putin will save in Moscow

Онкобольную девушку, позвонившую Путину, будут спасать в Москве Daria Starikov, which was diagnosed with cancer of the fourth degree, going to go for treatment in a Metropolitan health facility. The address of the resident of the Murmansk region, suffering from serious illness, has become one of the most debated topics of the recent “straight line” with the head of state.
Онкобольную девушку, позвонившую Путину, будут спасать в Москве

The story of courageously struggling with cancer 24-year-old Daria Starikova from the Murmansk region, who complained to Vladimir Putin on the insufficient level of development of medicine in a small country, shocked the whole country. Recently it became known that the girl’s condition worsened. After the TV broadcast, when the Governor of the region Marina Kovtun extra left in Apatity, Daria was in intensive care.

Vladimir Putin recalled the struggle of his father with a serious illness

After some time after the “straight line” became known that the inhabitant of Murmansk region will help the doctors in Moscow. The girl will be taken to the Metropolitan hospital, the decision was taken after a meeting of medical specialists. For transportation Starikova in the MOE prepared the aircraft, equipped with special devices that allow to provide care to patients directly during the flight. As told journalists the representative of the press service of the Ministry, the aircraft will go to Darya on Monday, June 19.

“This past weekend held two consultation with the leading oncologists of Russia, specialists of the Ministry of health of Russia and the Murmansk region. By order of Veronika Skvortsova Darya Starikov will be transferred to the Institute of Oncology. Herzen” – shared with journalists the Minister of health of the region Valery Peretrukhin.
Онкобольную девушку, позвонившую Путину, будут спасать в Москве

We will add that after the “straight line” with Vladimir Putin, the Murmansk, the investigators launched an investigation and opened a criminal case part 1 of article 293 of the RF criminal code (negligence), recognizing Daria Starikov victim. Then the girl suffering from cancer of the fourth stage, the President complained on the shortage in the small towns of qualified professionals who go to work in the cities. Due to the fact that the doctors gave Daria a wrong diagnosis, it long time was treated with intervertebral osteochondrosis. In the result, precious time was lost.

Answering the question Daria Starikova, Vladimir Putin admitted that he could not remain indifferent to her words. The head of state, which usually rarely shares with the public details of his life, remembered about the parent who suffered from a severe illness. The doctors gave the man the wrong diagnosis, and he was screaming in pain at night.

Онкобольную девушку, позвонившую Путину, будут спасать в Москве“It was many years ago. But then found means method. He died not because of this disease”, – said Vladimir Vladimirovich.

After treatment Starikova Roszdravnadzor will check “on the facts of violations of the rights of citizens to receive medical care”, reports “Interfax”.

Recall that the traditional “direct line” with the head of state was held on Thursday, June 15. In the course of conversation with the residents of the country, which lasted about four hours, Mr Putin said the most urgent questions of the population. “Direct line” with Vladimir Putin: live stream