Больная раком Мария Миа столкнулась с предательством подруги The actress spoke about the unfair behavior of a close friend. While Mary was undergoing treatment abroad, her friend gave of the apartment stars the whole shebang. The girl invited their Cavaliers in advance without informing the hostess.
Больная раком Мария Миа столкнулась с предательством подруги

A few days ago, the singer Maria MIA returned to Moscow after a course of chemotherapy, which she held in Germany. The singer is being treated for lymphoma. Doctors discovered a malignant tumor of the actress this spring. The girl believes that she will overcome the disease.

Больная раком Мария Миа столкнулась с предательством подруги“Chemistry was in sleep mode. Together as you can,” said Maria fans.

Apparently, while she was in Russia, she asked her friend Irina to look after her home. It turned out that the girl friend cheated on Maria. A friend had parties during the absence of the singer and invited a lot of strangers on someone else’s territory.

“Name of all, in order to hang out while I was on treatment and was using my absence and lied to me. I want you to be attentive to your friends, don’t be so forgiving as I am. Had paid all her credit in the amount of 100 000 rubles free of charge, so the girl began a new life and found her a job so she can their children to bring to Moscow and live like a normal person. But this thing is even now I lie right to your face,” wrote Maria in a microblog, showing a fragment of correspondence with a friend.
Больная раком Мария Миа столкнулась с предательством подруги

Members have tried to support the singer with a kind word and said that she is very strong-willed girl. “It is quite too much! I’m a fuckin shock!”, “I think you have the kind of friendship that you could ever dream of. I did not expect this, of course,” “As the land of bears”, “Let it go, think about it later,” wrote the followers of Mary.

According to the artist, previously a friend had already betrayed her. According to the girl, Irina was engaged in an intimate relationship with a former boyfriend of the actress. Maria was able to forgive such a familiar thing, but now not ready to accept what is happening.

We will remind, several months the star is struggling with cancer. The actress hopes for the best and fully complies with the recommendations of health professionals. According to Maria, she tries to stay optimistic.

“Promise that I will recover because the illness is recognized in time. A couple of years, and they’d metastases. I am glad that the prognosis is good, although at first, the experts doubted it because I didn’t understand what and how,” explained the singer “StarHit”. Maria MIA: “a couple of years, and they’d metastases”