Больная раком Лама Сафонова экстренно обратилась к врачам The status of the artist has deteriorated sharply, so she had a medical emergency. Now Lama Safonova is recovering, experts have recommended her to refrain from any activities. Fans pray for the health of the singer.

Lama Safonova, who is struggling with cancer, suddenly complained of indisposition. The singer was compelled to go to a medical facility to get the help of experts.

Currently, Lama is recovering at home. The singer temporarily restricted communication with fans on social networks, as reported by its representatives.

“Friends. Lama Safonova has been delivered in Institute of Sklifosovsky with severe severe pain syndrome. After the survey was released on home surveillance with a recommendation long-term use of painkillers. Some days she’s not in the Network. Please remain calm, patience, support her with a kind word and prayer”, – said the representatives of the singer.

Users of social networks wish the performer to quickly go on the amendment. “We are with her! She’s our hero”, “Stay”, “You can and will overcome”, “Help strengthen”, “We believe in you, you can do it, you will succeed”, “You are strong”, “You did a great job”, “with All my heart with you”, “Lama live,” – commented the followers of the artist.

The news that Lama Safonova suddenly felt bad, came as a surprise to those who follow her destiny. More recently, the singer showed remarkable longevity. Despite serious illness, the singer continues to participate in different projects and actively share their achievements on social networks. The Lama took part in a stylish photo shoot fail Habibrahmanova. The girl tried on the evening dress white with a full skirt.

“It was a pleasure to work with such talented guys! The week will delight you with beautiful photos. In General, the guys are preparing an exhibition in Tsereteli Gallery and the release of the book. I’ll let you as soon as something is determined by date. The atmosphere was very creative, and to get a single good picture (one that is conceived), you need to make shots of 200” – shared the actress in the microblog.

Recall that Lama Safonova heroically struggling with cancer of the uterus. In December 2016, the singer has decided to publicly announce his diagnosis. “To say it’s scary, painful, hard to admit – especially… When you consider strong, successful, blossoming and what could be the issues. My family had a tragedy. There are no guarantees and time already too, but I can say one thing: I’m going to fight,” said Lama.