Cancer is a leading “Food, I love you!” refuses wife sex

Онкобольной ведущий «Еда, я люблю тебя!» отказывает супруге в сексе In late spring the famous showman ed Matsaberidze told the fans that they have cancer. The news about the terrible illness star shocked his fans. Many wrote him words of encouragement, and he in turn, decided to tell in detail how struggling with cancer. And to admit that the disease has a negative impact on intimacy with my wife.
Онкобольной ведущий «Еда, я люблю тебя!» отказывает супруге в сексе

The star of the series “Sweet life” and host of “the Food, I love you!” Eduard Matsaberidze recently informed fans of the sad news – the doctors diagnosed him with cancer.

Ed confessed that when he heard the diagnosis, his first, panicked. But as soon as he started chemotherapy, the artist was able to pull myself together. By his example, he decided to prove that cancer is not a death sentence. Almost every day Matsaberidze tells fans how is the therapy going. Even the most intimate questions of Network users ed meets quite frankly. He explains in detail how to change the way he feels, what results he achieved in the fight against cancer.

Host of the show “Food, I love you!” Ed Matsaberidze frankly told about cancer

This time Matsaberidze told about sex. Many fans wondered how a change in the intimate life of the artist during the treatment.

“Nothing is stronger in life is not wanted, it is now sex, because I poured about five litres of chemicals every third week! And the Department of Haematology is one room with stompalina bed which did not stop the Orgy! Only a short break for lunch and sleep – mode to observe. Sometimes I Wake up and my 6 sultry oncolysis, shake their droppers and dirty speaking, slapping me in the face, making the healing process fast and effective! Wife refers to this with understanding, what can you do, this is the treatment Protocol, as treated in the whole world!” – sarcastic shared ed.
Онкобольной ведущий «Еда, я люблю тебя!» отказывает супруге в сексе

Humorist in his manner said that all cancer patients do that have sex in hospital wards. For this reason, they have hair fall out, and they look tired.

Онкобольной ведущий «Еда, я люблю тебя!» отказывает супруге в сексе“In General, comrades, do not be sad, I ran to orginal, the link will be released tomorrow. But the day after, there are some new Viagra brought in, the experimental, the process may be delayed,” said Matsaberidze.

Fans again appreciated the sense of humor of ed. The comedian admitted that the disease abruptly changed his life, for example, now he is looking forward to Monday. With the beginning of the working week open pharmacies, to work out all doctors who prescribe the tests and the necessary drugs.

“You can monitor the performance of blood in the whole week! Every day ringing a hundred times your attending and ask him stupid questions! However, I do on the weekends, but rarely with remorse. This is what I? Finally, over the weekend, I bought drugs, got tested, charged my phone all week and is ready to gather strength for the next chemo! And you have, finally, started working life”, – said the comedian.