Cancer Elena Stepunina back to work

Больная раком Елена Степунина вернулась к работе The former participant “Houses-2” wants to escape from the problems. Elena Stepunina plans in the near future again become the master of manicure. The young woman assured fans that this will not affect her health.
Больная раком Елена Степунина вернулась к работе

The former participant “Houses-2” Elena Stepunina for several months struggling with cancer. The young woman took a long treatment, and at the end of 2017 reported after chemotherapy. Fans happy for a star, hoping that it will be able to cope with the problem.

Elena herself has refused to comment on his health. But now she told me that she is going back to work and try on the role of master of manicure.

“My best friend gave me a place in your nail salon. So from 1 February may be recorded, will please you with a beautiful manicure,” said Elena.

Fans came to the conclusion that the health of Stepunina improved, and therefore it has the ability to return to work. However, some of them worried for the young woman, after all, masters of manicure often have to work with compounds that have harmful fumes. The former participant “Houses-2” hastened to reassure subscribers, stating that he had consulted with doctors.

“I asked the hematologist, he gave the nod. Said it was no more harmful than walking down the street,” said Stepanin.

This young woman said that is not going to open your own salon, because there is no time. Outside of work Helen has to take care of one-year-old son, and constantly visit doctors to trace the development of the disease.

Earlier, Elena told me that the treatment has cost her a tidy sum. And the doctors did not guarantee that treatment will yield results, as the disease was neglected. Fans speculated that Elena had to go to work to fill the gap in the family budget.

However, the review Stepunina said that she got bored at home. A young woman wants to develop as a professional. She hopes the work will help to distract from the disturbing thoughts about the disease.

We will remind that Elena found out about his disease in early 2017. The diagnosis was for a young woman as a complete surprise, since she first became a mother. Despite a number of unpleasant effects associated with treatment, Stepunina not lose hope for recovery.