Cancer Eduard Uspensky is forced to move in a wheelchair

Больной раком Эдуард Успенский вынужден передвигаться на инвалидной коляске The writer optimistic about the future. Eduard Uspensky gave an interview for the program “Hello, John”. He noted that is the fourth course of chemotherapy. Treatment exhausted the author’s books.
Больной раком Эдуард Успенский вынужден передвигаться на инвалидной коляске

A few years ago, the writer Eduard Uspensky was diagnosed with cancer. The man decided to fight with the disease and therefore underwent chemotherapy. Despite all efforts of doctors, the disease has continued to evolve.

Now, according to Ouspensky, he is in the fourth stage of treatment, the most difficult and responsible. Despite the constant pain, the man continues to look optimistically to the future. Support his wife and children. Thanks to their help, Eduard Nikolaevich can at least for a few minutes a day to feel healthy.

“I have a very difficult and long struggle with cancer. I am now going through the fourth cycle of chemotherapy, the most responsible. The doctors say that the cancer cells go pretty fast. Let’s hope this is the last course of therapy, she will help me,” – said the writer.
Больной раком Эдуард Успенский вынужден передвигаться на инвалидной коляске

Because of the health status of the assumption could not come to the Studio of “Hello, Andrew.” Now the man moves in a wheelchair. On a daily procedure, it carries daughter. The man is sure that can overcome the problem and return to creative activity.

Eduard Nikolaevich thanked all who follow him through. He stressed that he would fight the illness to the last.

“Dear viewers, everyone who worried about me, I want to wish you good health. Always have a close loyal friends. I have a close, and so I fun hurt, it is easier to satisfy. Together, let us together to live and recover,” he turned to the audience the writer.

Guests in the Studio of “Hello, Andrew” was touched by the video reportage with the participation of the assumption. They wished the writer a speedy recovery and moral strength.

The broadcast was devoted to former members of the choir of Viktor Popov. In the Studio there were many grown-up idols of Soviet schoolchildren. It songs about the characters of books by Edward Petrovich about Cheburashka and Gena the Crocodile have once helped them to become famous. Now, the former assumption singers wished not to lose hope and believe in victory over a terrible disease.