«Ты можешь прилететь?»: иркутская девочка ответила Венсану Касселю The French actor made a surprise gift of a three-year Leah Ivanova from Irkutsk on the day of birth. Vincent Cassel made for the young fans a video message in which heartily congratulated the girl on a holiday.
«Ты можешь прилететь?»: иркутская девочка ответила Венсану Касселю

Dream come true if to want it very much — in his example, convinced the usual inhabitant of Irkutsk of Inga, Jolokhava. On July 12 her daughter Leah was three years old. Despite his relatively young age, the girl understands in the movie, and her own idol, the French actor Vincent Cassel. However, the girl still calls it in his own way — “Vincent Cough”, and his ex-wife — “Monica Beluchchi”.

Kassel liked More after watching the movie “beauty and the beast” in which he played a major role. “I want Vincent Cough,” said the girl’s mother when she asked me that she wants to receive on his birthday. Inga, on what not hoping, sent a wish daughter Vincent in Instagram. The answer was not long in coming: Kassel made Leia a statement in which congratulated the baby as a native French, and Russian. Little Leah is still overwhelmed with emotion, because it drew the attention of a famous artist.

Who Vincent Cassel is traded on the Monica Bellucci

“Leia runs every time, headlong, if somewhere you hear the news about the actor or greetings from Vensa my phone. And now always says “thank you” in about the same voice as he thanked her in his video greeting,” shared mother Inga with “StarHit”.
«Ты можешь прилететь?»: иркутская девочка ответила Венсану Касселю

Not surprisingly, after this microblogging Ingi of Jolokhava became very popular, and Leia began to congratulate complete strangers, which was a pleasant surprise for both the girls and her mom.

“I am glad that so many people responded to the story with kindness. Just imagine: from different cities and I still send congratulations Leah and thank you for this story, in which many took a dip over the last couple of days. Some of them, of course, assumed that Vincent, rather, my “hero” than a little girl. But my hero he became after all this history, and for many he is now a magician by the name of “Vincent Cough” — with a smile said, Jolokhava.

By the way, especially for the “StarHit” Inga shot a video in which little Leah was told if she wanted to become an actress and to play together with his idol in a movie.

As it turned out, 15 years of age, the mother of Leah wanted to meet with the soloists of your favorite band “Semantic hallucinations”. Parents played Inga fulfilled her wishes, since she is sure that dad and mom can do anything.

“I just so remember that feeling when your parents almost everything, that’s why I decided to try out a childhood dream for Leah,” said Inga in a microblog.