Camilla Parker-Bosl blackmailing the Royal family

Камилла Паркер-Боузл шантажирует королевскую семью

The love life of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles demands from the faithful to divorce.

The woman who healed the wounds of the monarch after a car accident killed his wife, Princess Diana, tired of life in the circle of privileged persons and wants to meet old age more calmly.

In this news interesting is not the fact that Parker-Bowles demands a divorce, and what the conditions she proposed to Prince Charles in case he refuses to sign papers and not pay her compensation in the amount of $ 360 million.

Camille has threatened the entire Royal family that if they will not act according to her plan, she will publish a memoir, which will tell all the dirty secrets of the family.

According to insiders, the Prince was dumbfounded by this statement, as relations between Charles and Camilla have lasted for more than 40 years, and he did not expect this from her betrayal.