Камила Морроне о разнице в возрасте с Леонардо Ди Каприо

Камила Морроне о разнице в возрасте с Леонардо Ди Каприо

22-year-old model Camila Morrone was recently interviewed by one of the publishers of Los Angeles. The girl once again answered questions from the press about the age difference of 23 years between her and her lover Hollywood 45-year-old actor Leonardo DiCaprio. She truly did not understand why the media constantly emphasizes.

The girl says that in Hollywood, and the world in General a lot of examples of happy couples where the age difference is much greater than between her and Leonardo. She believes that people should not think about the prejudices and opinion of the public, only about their feelings. But the model has agreed that he understands why people are so interested in this topic, it would be in their place, I’m sure would also be very curious to know how are the relations among such couples.

Camilla also admitted that he is very upset with the fact that the public perceives it solely as a beloved Leonardo DiCaprio. And the press is not even interested to learn about other spheres of life of a young model, than she wondered what a hobby is, etc. However, to her it’s a big push to start doing something to it drew attention as an individual.

She believes that people watch movies with her and discuss her not as an actress, and again as the future wife of Leonardo. She strives to make her be perceived as a personality regardless of who she was in relationships throughout life. At the moment she realizes that DiCaprio is very popular and attracts worldwide attention. The girl promised to make every effort to make this Association to destroy.

Recall that Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio began their relationship at the end of 2017. The couple never appears on the social events together, also they are impossible to catch in public places. Sometimes the paparazzi manage to capture young people on the weekend retreat or during meetings in restaurants, movies, etc.

Will Camille be able to outshine one of his beloved star or not? And perhaps the girl will not stand to reside in the shadows.

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