Камила Кабельо показала свои сборы «невесты» на премию «MTV Music Video Awards 2019» и рассказала о творчестве

Singer Camila Cabello has starred in a new behind the scenes video “Vogue”, which showed all stages of the fees for the music award from fitting dresses, make-up before going on track.

August 26 in new Jersey hosted the 36th award ceremony “MTV Video Music Awards, 2019”. Backstage video from Vogue, allowed the operators to follow the 22-year-old Cabello in the last days and hours of fees at the VMAs (“MTV Music Video Awards 2019”) to document her preparation for the awards ceremony.

During the 10-minute video, the star also spoke about how there was collaboration between her and rumored to be her current boyfriend — singer Shawn Mendes. The singer admitted that he “lost sleep” over his decision to sing with them in duet track “Señorita”.

Video “Vogue” began filming four days before the VMAs, then Cabello attended the final fitting of dresses, suitable for three images in which she appeared at the awards. When Kamila was showing the dress, then told me why he chose it.

Showing his white, like the bride, the dress from “Balmain”, which Camila Cabello wore on the red carpet, she explained that she chose it because of the romantic image that it creates.

— This dress does not go out of my mind, because it’s very romantic, and in that world I now live, — said the singer, hinting at an affair with colleague Shawn Mendes.

Then the singer showed a different outfit: top with puffy sleeves and a long skirt in mesh. Him her performance of “Señorita” at the time of the award. The third outfit intended for party after the official part of ceremony has become a mini dress of olive color.

Is my attire after-party, the first thing after the prize in it, I’ll go for the hamburger — joked Cabello.

Also the camera filmed the charges of the singer in the day of the award “MTV Music Video Awards 2019”. In the morning, just seven hours before the show, Cabello caught leaving the place where the ceremony will take place. In the hands of the singer holding her adorable tiny puppy (named after the Prince!).

When Cabello finally got to the meeting place in NJ, then came to his dressing room, where a team of stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists began “work” on it.

Meanwhile, the singer focused on the upcoming concert, listening to music, meditating and repeating the rehearsal.

— I like to Wake up and listen to something inspiring — shared Cabello the details of preparing for the performance. — I do a lot of breathing. Doing 15-minute meditation, which helps me a lot, it just forces you to release its energy.

The singer also added that inspired by the playlist, which adds the song, giving it strength.

— I create playlists and put songs in them that give me strength, she continued. Sometimes I see some of my favorite performances to inspire you.

Cabello admitted that he was very excited for their upcoming performance with Shawn Mendes – because this is the first time they performed the song live together on stage. She told and how did the idea of cooperation.

— It must have been last summer when he sent me a song idea, and he said,” do You want to do this to me? “—says Cabello.- I thought was thinking a few months, literally lost sleep over it, and then I said to myself:” Oh my God, I think I really want to do it.” Then we decided to just go in the Studio to sing it and see what we feel. If you come great, we record the song.

Fortunately for fans, the song immediately struck them and the couple felt chemistry.

We went into the Studio, and one and a half weeks after that, removed the clip,” said Cabello.

Their live performance on Monday at the ceremony “MTV Music Video Awards 2019” was “very simple and real”, it meant “only two of them on stage.

We will add that during a speech a couple teased the audience and a few kisses (they long been credited with the novel!).

Hits of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello “Señorita” was named the best joint creativity of the year.

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