Cameron Diaz was afraid of being mistaken for crazy

Кэмерон Диаз боялась, что ее примут за сумасшедшую
The actress admitted that was shrouded in fear for a week before the publication of his book of advice to women.

It turns out that 44-year-old Cameron Diaz is not so brave, which always seemed to us. Actress, a year ago happily married to a humble musician Benji Madden, admitted as from fear and horror not being able to breathe and weakened to such an extent that you were forced to spend a week in bed. This fear was overcome, the actress on the eve of publication of her book, where she shares with women tips, how to grow old.

Cameron was afraid that readers not only do not appreciate it had collected useful tips but consider the author crazy or even “dumbass”. Fortunately for Diaz, her book about how to love and understand your body and soul, became a bestseller and encouraged the actress to write a sequel. “Movies – the big fake and a fraud. There I’m not there. But in the book – it’s all just my thoughts and observations, my own life experience. So I was so scared to share them,” explained Cameron, who recently is not removed, in an interview with his cousin and friend Nicole Richie, she’s married to the brother of her husband.

The new opus of the actress the main advice is not to focus on material values. According to Cameron, it is not necessary to think that “happiness is money”. For every female success and happiness are completely different things: “And this is not always related to how much money you managed to earn, what car you drive, which I bought a bag or how many “likes” in social networks”.