Кэмерон Диас помирила Робби Уильямса  с его женой
Cameron saved a marriage singer wise advice.

Кэмерон Диас помирила Робби Уильямса  с его женой

Robbie Williams and Ayda fields

As told in a recent interview the wife
Robbie Williams — Ayda-fields, for their happy marriage she should thank
Cameron Diaz. If not Cameron, Robbie and ID there would be no chance
to be together. The fact that when their romance
was just beginning, they quarreled and had not seen for quite some time. And when
Williams met with Cameron, with whom he was friends (there were rumors that they were even once in the past short flirt), he
told her about my failed romance and about how he is going through. And then
Diaz advised him to forget all grudges and to return to his beloved. In the end, Robbie and
IDA got married and now mother of two children, a daughter and a son Theodore

“We are reconciled. I wasn’t familiar with Cameron, and when
some time later I accidentally met her in the gym, would it
to Express her appreciation, but somehow ashamed. She was so
fascinated by the work on the simulator that I didn’t dare to interrupt her training. So I
still have not thanked her for what she did to us…” — admitted
Let’s go.

As told to IDA is an American actress
of Turkish origin — her relationship with Robbie began not too successfully.
For a start, he forgot about double date where one of his buddies
was going to introduce Williams with fields. And then, to make up for the awkwardness, he
invited her to his home.

But when IDA came to Robbie, everything went
worse. They could not find topics of conversation and awkward silence. It was all over
the fact that the fields suddenly “remembered” that the friend asked her the same evening with
yourself to the party. And then Robbie suddenly volunteered to go to her. And there in the crowd
much fun guests, they suddenly “frozen” and everything changed. “For the first time
when I saw her, IDA, I did not like. It was kind of ridiculous wearing
and seemed overweight. But later, when we talked at the party, I
suddenly decided that although she could be a little bit thinner, that girl is me
like, very like!” recalls
Williams. After the party they started Dating, three years later got engaged, and shortly thereafter got married…

Cameron Diaz

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