Cameron Diaz is rapidly gaining weight

Кэмерон Диас стремительно набирает вес

At the beginning of career of this blonde in Hollywood probably would not find a woman who would have not been jealous of her feet. But all flows, everything changes, as the figure of Cameron Diaz.

Being a bachelorette Cam carefully watching him, played sports and followed the diet, in order to seduce his new men. Married, Benji Madden, Diaz relaxed and now surprised (in a negative sense of the word) their fans.

Recently the paparazzi caught the family a couple in the Parking lot. Cameron Benji obviously did not expect there to meet the hunters for sensations.

Paparazzi has made a couple of shots, and when pictures hit the net, started the discussion. Users noted that it is now the star of the movie “the Holiday” a charming Diaz turns into Beyonce.

“Now Cameron could compete with the shapes of Beyonce,” wrote commentators.

To some extent they are right, not to hide.

By the way, changes in the shape of Cameron happened just a few months. In the spring the actress started to wear oversized garments. But then the fans and secular observers thought she was pregnant. The allegation was not substantiated.

By the way, sudden weight gain may also say that the Cam can accept hormonal preparations are prescribed, for example, when the future of IVF. Maybe Cam just preparing to become a mother?